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    • My First 2021 Trip Report
      Howdy all and happy & healthy new year first of all!

       This is gonna be a long one with respect to pics/vids, so not too much writing except for the obvious descriptions here & there.

      I booked two nights at the Rizo D'Oro Hotel in the zona for the nights of 1/12 & 1/13. I used my Trop VIP  card to get 80% off for Tuesday night and 40% off for Wednesday night with the aid of a web coupon.

      I managed to get one of those new rooms in their new wing that has room numbers 201 thru 218:-
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    • My Long Awaited Trip!
      So this will be a SUPER long TR.

      For some background, me and my WM had planned this trip since October and bought the tickets in Thanksgiving weekend.  Unfortunately due to some personal reasons, my WM had to bail out on me.  This put me in a very peculiar spot, go solo, or just delay my trip for when WM was ready to go?  From 2015-18 me and WM made like 3 trips every year, but due to our work schedule and life, we had not been able to go since 2018.  With this in mind, and not wanting to wait more months, I decided to go solo. I would like to thank @Sargon  who was awesome in helping me with certain details!!  Anyways I fly out of Texas to SD last Thursday, and land in SD @9:30 am, from there I get a MTS card at the airport and load it with an all day pass.  Then I get on the 992 to Plaza America, and on to the trolley! All in all, I get to San Ysidro crossing at around 11am, I get around 5k pesos and off into Mexico!  Now it is here were I am sweating bullets.

      This is my first time crossing during Covid, and since landing at the airport, I kept wondering, "What if they don't let me in!?!?!" My heart was pumping and I get there, and a nice senorita greeted me, asked me how long I was going to stay, stamped my passport, and I was on my merry way!!! All that nervousness, for nothing!! I was temp checked by another senorita in a hazmat suit, and no one told me to get that 180-day visa, and off I was. 
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    • Four day trip report (1/9-1/13) - LONG
      It had been almost a year since my last trip to Tijuana, when I was in the habit of going every three months. I had COVID over Christmas and am now fully recovered with antibodies, so I decided it was worth the trip. Booked my flight on Southwest with frequent flier miles and was off.

      Saturday (1/9/21)

      I landed in San Diego around 1:00. Took the 992 bus to Broadway and hit up the CVS for some supplies. I grabbed the trolley and was at the border by 2:00. I had the online FMM filled out and printed. I was ready to be charged $30 but as I walked up to the checkpoint there was no one there, either on the nationals or the foreigners side. I walked past the front booths and someone came out from a back room and waved me over to the far booths. He looked at my passport, stamped my FMM and waved me past. Not even a question. Quick temperature check by a woman in scrubs and I was in Mexico. I passed all of the cabs and just walked the few blocks to Pueblo Amigo. 
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    • GUIDE: Interactive Zona Map (and other areas)
      Originally created by steelcan and luckystiff, with updates and additions by Sarkis and NonsensicalExilir in 2017 and additional updates in 2021.
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    • Border wait times
      Does any one know what time is best after 11am on a weekday to drive back across?  I assume at around 10pm it'll be a quick drive across but I prefer an earlier time.  I would hope 30min or less for sure not an hour or more.
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    • Hotel Coahuila
      If you're walking down Calle Coahuila sightseeing and you feel tired, then the Hotel Coahuila is a sufficient spot to rest for a while. 

      I happened to have a few beers in Adelita Bar, and wanted to go relax somewhere, so I went upstairs to the Hotel Coahuila.

      I met a chica in the bar who was helping me with my Spanish for a while, and she also mentioned that she can make Hospital Corners on a bed.

      I asked her if she'd show me how, but I must be a slow learner because it took me an hour, but eventually I got it. 


      You don't even need to make reservations through Hotels.com, you can just show up and ask for a room. 
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    • Misc. HK pics / Video
      I did not see any threads for misc. HK pics.......
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    • Feliz Navidad Amigos! A video lookback at 2020
      ¡Disfruta!  And thanks to all the Amigos who graciously shared their photos and videos with us.
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    • BUT  This One Is Different !!
      But this one is different. Words I never wanted to utter when it came to TJ relationships. A bit over a year ago I met a woman  in TJ and have been in a relationship ever since , with one little hiccup along the way. I realized I was in love during the short period we broke up. When I got that pit in my stomach and couldnt sleep at night.

      But everything ended  last weekend when I was able to get access to her phone. I wont go into details other than to say she was a sweet woman , but once you get into someones phone you get to see the real person.

      So was it wrong to snoop around in her phone ? Probably , but the  way she was intent on protecting access I knew there were things I should know about to protect myself. She has hijacked my phone several times , so I guess it was not that unfair what I did.

      So now while I experience that sinking feeling in my stomach that love gone wrong creates. I will never return to TJ again. . Im sure sometimes these relationships  work out but Im guessing the majority do not. 

      And advice to others coming to TJ looking for love. Tread with caution, would I do it again?. Absoulutly, the best year of my life. But probably best to just live the fantasy and stay the fuck out of her phone.
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    • Michele @ Hotel de La Carreta
      Anyone have experience with petite SG Michele? 
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    • 3ls3gvnd0
      I'll probably use TRT or HGH at some point but I'd like to put it off as long as possible.  I don't really have a fear of needles but I don't really like the idea of injecting myself (and there's zero chance I could do it daily, as I think is required for HGH).  It seems like most of the current treatments require a bit more work that I'm willing to put in.  But, of course, I'm lazy.  If they made a pill that had the same results, I'd definitely be interested as I get closer to 60.  But, alas, as things currently stand, HGH and testosterone need to be absorbed directly into the blood stream.  (C'mon medical people... invent!) I'm rapidly approaching my mid-50s and just got my testosterone measured for the first time (that I'm aware of) and, fortunately, it's in good shape at the moment - 7.13 total T (well above the average for a 30-year old) and .0119 free T (roughly average for a 30-year old), so there's no issue at the moment, but... it's a comin' down the pike sure as the sunrise... so I like to try to keep up with the various treatments.  I regularly use generic Viagra for sex... probably more as an insurance policy than anything else as I sometimes forget and don't notice a big difference; but there is a difference, especially as a relationship goes longer and some of the initial fire burns off... my blue friendo aids in duration.
    • upper
      I tried once a week then 10 days and every 2 weeks. Every endocrinologist has difference of opinion but 3 weeks is fine. I inject myself and in the past gone to the clinic for injections. 
    • Jdavid1976
      Bro do you think thats too long in between injections?  Do you do it yourself? or go somewhere? I inject once a week and at times, when not traveling for a period of time I actually break that once a week into 2 times a week.  
    • upper
      I been hypogonadism  since puberty. I had to take testosterone therapy all my life.  I also had extremely high level of HGH. I never felt right unless my T is in the  2000 range. 1. The gel - I love the almost immiediate effect increasing the levels of Testosterone upon applying the gel but hated the dry skin and crash inbetween doses. With the gel I was useing 2 packs a everyday. 2. The foam  - Almost the same as the gel but not as fast and not as strong feeling as the gel. Still gave me dry skin condition and my T levels weren't as high.  Both the Gel and Foam I'd rub on my abdomen.  3. The patch - I never felt good taking the patch as the itching at the site was super annoying. I only had a short time using the patch. 4. Depo Testosterione injections. - This is the longest replacement therapy I am on. I inject myself once every 3 weeks. My T levels are super high when injected and feel the crash when nearing my next injection. In my experiance this therapy is the best for me. I never had any erection issues with any testosterone therapy. I think the gel gives me the longest erection. I know my organs will eventually fail but so far I am below normal range for my kidneys.
    • Jefffffrey
      Might partially explain the national sperm shortage crisis. https://www.insidehook.com/daily_brief/news-opinion/pandemic-sperm-shortage-donors
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