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    • Tacones and other great leg photos
      Tacones and other great leg photos
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    • HK's new business model during this pandemic!
      So, I got both a facebook message and a phonecall from a HK and a BT mesero respectively yesterday.

      The HK mesero tells me that he can serve and take care of me and said that there are about 50 chicas that are now at Cascadas willing to dance with me!

      The BT mesero tells me the same basically that in Hotel Rizo d'Oro, I can sit and drink with chicas!

      Now both of these meseros I've known for a long time and are really cool guys.  I also know that if I told them I was coming down, they'd treat me like a VIP!!

      So I strongly believe that the HK conglomerate of bars, or atleast the big bars, are soliciting clientel by having their meseros and in some cases meseras, call/message customers that they know to come down and hang out and drink in their respective hotels with chicas available!!

      Any of you received any communication from your meseros/meseras to come down and do the deed??

      What is scary to me is that if I was down there hanging with the chicas and drinking and suddenly the cops bust in!!!
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    • Memorial Day Weekend 20/20
      They say "a picture is worth a thousand words"...

      so make up your own story to go along with these...

      some of you wouldn't believe me anyway...

      something for everyone i hope...





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    • Friday 5-22-2020
      After months of not being able to do anything besides go to work and drink at home I finally said Fuck it and headed south. Recent posts on here from various amigos had me reassured that crossing the border wouldn’t be an issue but obviously everything is still closed. That was Definitely the case but as some of you may know I haven’t been to any of the clubs in recent years and get all my chicas via HDS staff so when I really thought about it the closed businesses wouldn’t really effect me. 

      Got to the border just after midnight, walked into Mexican customs with a story prepared about “I’m going to see my  novia, her work is still closed and she doesn’t have any money” lol the story was totally unnecessary, they didn’t even ask why I was there, just wanted to know for how long. I asked if I could buy the 6 month permit (mine expired a while back), they said of course and took me into the office and had me fill out the slip. I asked if I needed to keep my mask on and the guy said “no it’s ok you can remove it, i know it gets too hot if you keep it on For a long time” lol yet another reason to love Mexico lol Got my permit and headed to the taxis, got one and headed to HDS. As a side note none of the Mexican customs guys were wearing masks, and neither was my taxi driver, this was a total relief for me because I hate wearing the mask, I’m zero percent worried about catching the virus and enjoy being around people who also aren’t worried about it.

      Got to HDS, Omar claimed they’re not renting out rooms right now but after a Little begging, reassuring him I was only staying for 24 hours and telling him I brought him some grey goose (which I did lol) and promising a tip he gave in and gave me a room. Speaking of grey goose, I had a small bottle of that, a skyy vodka, and some Bacardi in my bag, Customs X-ray guy didn’t even notice or care.

      My HDS room was in total disarray, headboards were removed, pictures taken off the walls, all
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    • Guess which country?
      During this time frame, my job and travel plans are pretty much gone.

      Thus, after checking with Ruben, I decided to start this thread.

      It's easy, just post a pic or two (your own pic/s please) and let the guessing and stories begin!

      I will start:

      The chica in the pic almost cost me my damn life. She is my favorite dancer in the world. Love the country...but a bit too crazy there at this point.

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    • Cinco de Mayo Daytrip Report
      I made a day trip into TJ today as I wanted to get a few things done (pick-up some long due pesos, get a haircut (I really hate when I have too much hair on my big head, well my small head too for that matter!) and to run a border errand (which I'm afraid I can't talk about!).

      I got to say that this was my first ever sexless trip to TJ in maybe 7 years!!

      More than anything else, I needed to get out the house and since I had an errand list, I thought why not just go down and take care of these things, especially getting the pesos since I got a very rate on them (23.87 pesos/$) and that particular Remitly transaction would get cancelled soon if I didn't pick up these pesos within the next two weeks or so!

      Obviously I wore my facemask throughout the day today!

      I drove into San Ysidro at around 12.30pm from San Diego going south on the I-805. Uneventful drive, very light traffic so it was a breeze getting to the border. During my drive I was debating whether I should park at that $8/8hrs lot behind Jack in the Box, the $10/24hrs Holiday Lodge Motel lot or just street park near KFC. I was thinking that since so many people were out of a job right now, that there might be more car break-ins and whatnot crimes going on, but as I reached SY, I said to myself not to worry since I'm gonna be here for just a few hours and it was during daylight hours. So I risked it and parked for free on Border Village Rd. across from the KFC.


      While driving thru E. SY Blvd., I saw most cambio places between 22.5 to 23.0 pesos/$, even right at the border! In TJ I saw rates hovering between 21.5 to 22.0.

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    • Don Pisto's COVID-19 adventure: TJ/ZN/Rosarito/Valle de Guadalupe/Ensenada
      With thoughts of BG's, cold margaritas, tequila shots, and all things Mexican dancing in my head I headed south on I-5 from Laguna area last Thursday around 1000 am. Hit the San Ysidro border crossing around 1130 am, got the green light! Yeah! Passed by the Costco-TJ (Rio area) noted the long lines of people waiting-social distancing/wearing masks as well! Just like Stateside. Continued to my Hotel-La Villa de Zaragoza (VDZ), met with the Owner and told him of my concerns regarding possible quarantine policy--He told me not to worry--it's Mexico. With that I quickly checked into "My Home away from Home" for 1170 pesos ($49.00 usd) for a garden room. My fav stopped in for her "allowance." We went to dinner at Hotel Ticuan, where they checked our temp. prior to allowing us entry-36 degrees Cent., yes!!! Took them an hour to make dinner--I think they were out of bread for my BLT--Oh well, it's Mexico--I think they made a run to the Soriano Market for a loaf of bread. We had a nice meal. Then back to Hotel for some fun, etc. Later we drove down to the ZN and stopped by Bar Tropical (aka Tropical Bar), met some meseros guarding the door. My Mesero #13-Angel greeted us! We passed out some gatorades/bottled water to the thirsty guys. They mentioned June 28th as a possible re-opening! I will keep you gents posted. We then drove by HK, Chicago Club and headed down the alley--there were a few SG's and starving Meseros, and the Cuantos fellows, etc.--Kind of dead/dark. We headed back to the Hotel. All the Clubs were closed. P.S., I did hear about a party with some BG's at the Cascades Penthouse-that was going on. But, we weren't invited. Maybe one of you guys were?

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    • New HK VIP Card
      They increase the price to $60.



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    • Around the alley today, Wed Apr 29.
      Not everyone is wearing a mask but a few chicas were using umbrellas earlier today due to the nice sunshine.

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    • What is the craziest thing you have seen in a TJ bar?
      The "What is the craziest thing you have seen in a TJ bar" thread was my favorite of all time in TJ amigos. I used to read it frequently and laugh out loud to myself. I looked through the TJ Amigos forums and could not find it 😔. But thats okay cause we can create a new thread here! 😎

      So...what is the craziest (or funniest) thing you have seen in a TJ bar? 

      (Sorry, I don't have much to contribute here. I guess I need to go into the bars more...even though I usually find what I need outside 😁). 
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