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    • Amtrak from LA to Tijuana
      I thought I’d share trip directions from LA to San Ysidro border by rail.

      Starting from the LA Union Station. One way ticket on the Pacific Surfliner is $37.  Trains leave all day, every day.


      It’s a comfortable ride for almost three hours, work on your laptop or sleep.

      Nice view of the coast from the train.

      …better view, the Lifeguard chica in the red bikini (lower right)

      Get off the train at the last stop in San Diego and go into the station.

      Exit the station this way.

      When you exit the station, directly across the street is the American Plaza.

      the beginning of the Blue Line.


      Tickets are $2.50/one way.  Don't buy a round trip as they expire four hours after you buy them.

      Plenty of interesting people to talk to on the trolley...or just mumble to yourself....

      End of the line, walk this way.

      You’ve crossed into Amigo Heaven...pay in pesos.      
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    • Misc. HK pics / Video
      I did not see any threads for misc. HK pics.......

      Mods: Please move if needed......
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    • Bajer Brewing
      Bajer Brewing is a relatively new micro brewery on Revo between 6-7.  


      ...add it to your brew crawl.        


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    • Sargon's Epic Summer Weekend
      Actually, Friday night was A Tale of Two Duds.  But then it gets good for the rest of the weekend! 

      A buddy ended up going with me so we were hanging out together all day.  Got down there right about 10 and stayed until 3.  Stayed mainly at HK, but briefly checked out Adelitas and Tropical during a lap of the block following our first arribas   They were dead and/or full of 3s and 4s, so we went back to HK which had lots of 7s, 8s and a few 9s. 

      My buddy ended up taking two 9s up and they were amazing he said.  I had two absolute duds.  First one was a cute, cute, cute girl with a tight tiny ass and A cups.  Long straight black hair.  Classic spinner.  Good and friendly at the table, but all business, no passion upstairs.  Asked for the money first and I pretended I didn't hear her, just took it out and set it on my nightstand.  She then just went through the motions.  Did whatever I asked, but zero emotion.  Very cute girl with a banging little body, but was almost DFE.  She clearly doesn't like her job upstairs.  Jumped out of bed 1.3 seconds after I came and got in the shower.  Got dressed while I showered.  I got out and barely had my pants on (nothing else) and she asked me to hand her the money.  I gave it to her, she said adios and went out the door.  I said nothing.  Sad.

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    • Callejon Weather
      Sometimes amigos post weather questions in the chatbox, so here's the Callejon Weather report for Saturday 1/12 just before Noon.   

      I think it's safe to say that at least 90% of the rain is wet.    

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    • Sex & Lust in Tijuana: True Sex Stories of the TJAmigos
      Featuring more than 30 real-life sex stories from the men who fell in lust (and sometimes love!) with sex workers south of the border, Sex and Lust in Tijuana: True Sex Stories of the TJAmigos pulls back the velvet curtains of Tijuana's world-famous redlight district. Professor Zee and Doctor Jim combed through the archives of the now-closed TJAmigos website to bring you a collection of sexual adventures from Tijuana. The stories within these covers were written by the Amigos themselves and several stories also feature additional commentary from the other Amigos.

      I thought it was love until she showed
      me a text message she had tried to send
      me and I noticed my contact name in her
      phone was USA GRINGO #7. Ivanho
      Tijuana used to be an escape, but it has now
      become an anchor to my very tenuous grip
      on reality. The sensations of excitement and
      anticipation are always heightened by my
      constant longing to return. Matiz

      I went back to work afterwards because
      I knew I could look everyone in the eye
      and think to myself, "You didn't let your
      trouser snake vomit on a chick's face today." CraigfromSD

      Available for pre-order in print from Amazon - https://amzn.to/2pRXejP

      Or you can satisfy your need for immediate gratification and get the ebook copy of it here right now for 3.99 - https://www.tijuanatalk.net/files/

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    • HK Rumors
      I took one of my "civie" chicas to HK last night for a drink. She has friends who have and had worked in HK. Her sister is also currently working at HK. 

      She said she was told one or two girls were killed each nite in Cascades. I told her that was ridiculous and she replied simply, "Tijuana es muy pelegroso."  Good thing it was dark and she couldn't see me roll my eyes. 

      She also said a girl could not refuse anal in the room. While I'm sure this would make many gringos happy I know this isn't commonly included in the $80 entry. 

      She also said guys like to snort cocaine out of the girls pussy. I've never used anything, but I don't think the moistness of a vagina is conducive to snorting coke. She didn't buy my response.

      My assumption is her sister is being a protective older sister and scaring her away from HK. 

      Anyone hear any other crazy rumors about HK? 
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    • Foto's Birthday Week Adventures
      It's my birthday this week.  I decided I would check out a few things in TJ that I've been meaning to check out for a while.

      Probably a month or so ago, I had one of my fixers call the number on the old Purple Rain bar as it's for sale.  Just curious as to the price really.  I got the info and the guy said I could go check out the building whenever if I wanted to.  Yesterday was that day.

      It was a sunny day.  I had a leisurely breakfast of coffee, toast, and a mess of bacon from Azul.  From there, my fixer and I went over Purple Rain.  Upon parking on the street, there was this - 

      I'm going with the concept that he was just taking a nap in the sun.  Anyway, we walk up to the fully fenced property and see several dogs guarding.  We holler out and a nice lady comes out.  We explain that we talked to the owner and wanted to see the property.  She invites us right in.

      We walk through her small living area on the bottom floor, a tangle of clothes, discarded furniture, and assorted goods, going up towards a set of stairs.  Purple Rain was connected to a hotel, which had 29 rooms.  Leaks abounded and the ceiling had fallen in several places on several floors.  Most rooms did not have a bathroom en suite.  I'm going to let the pics explain the rest:


      At the very top of the stairs is the "clerestory".

      Also on the top floor was the dressing room for the chicas.  Strangely enough, it seemed like chicas are still using it.  The lockers had clothing in them and everything. 


      Now it was time to make our way back downstairs to see the manager's office.  The lady was nice enough to give me some ephemera from the glory days.

      Then it was time for the big reveal of the bar itself.  Way smaller than I imagined it would be but here is a pano of it:


      A few single shots

      So now that you've seen this place (note: I did not upload the photos of the extensive black mold and missing electrical wires and broken windows and so on), guess how much you can buy it for?

      Answer will be in my next installment!  Closest to the right answer without going over can have this rare print of the PR chica in the hot tub!

      Also in the next installment - Foto Visits the Wax Museum!
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  • Blogs

    1. fotofreak
      Latest Entry

      Jessica is another one of the American women who moved to TJ following her boyfriend.  This was around 2014 or so.  The boyfriend was a dud and she wound up in Zona Norte, selling her snatch to pay for her significant heroin habit.  She has been using since she was 15.  I believe she is around 32 now.  I met her through an artist friend who paints street scenes and portraits of putas.  He's actually painted a few of my photos over the years.

      She went to school in the United States and reports that she has lots of computer skills. She is also an artist and poet. She says many of her clients don't really even care about sex; they want the companionship and a sense of connection so she uses that to her advantage and even tells some of her clients that she loves them. Jessica says she does care about them but she has also stolen from them.

      This is Jessica from the fall of 2015.  The box of used needles was her "trading" box.  Back then, you could exchange three dirty needles for one clean one.  That program stopped in 2016 but a few other similar programs are still around.


      At that time, she was living in a spacious hotel room, relative to Zona resident standards.  Her novio Chucky, a deportee from San Diego, was in prison for a stint during this time.  The bathroom didn't have running water though and you had to use a bucket of water to flush the toilet.  Things went downhill from the time of these pictures.  A few more early shots of her.



      Chucky got out of prison in December 2015.  Jessica got one of her PLMs to cover the rent in a new place for them.  This new room did not have its own private bathroom.  It was a shared bathroom with the 50 or so other residents and only had a cold water shower.  


      This photo of Chucky is one that my friend later painted.


      His painting:


      In spite of her heavy drug use, Jessica was generally a fun person to be around.  She loved when I would shoot her.


      One evening, we were standing in the alley, just chit-chatting and smoking.  A client came up and I stepped off to the side.  They struck a deal and Jessica went with him into Cuantos Teresa.  But within less than a minute, she came running back out to me on the street.  "Hey! Do you want to shoot our session?" she asked.

      Of course I did.

      The session lasted about 17 minutes, per the time stamps on my photo files.  He paid her $40, if I remember correctly.



      And this is one of my all-time favorite photographs.  It will remain permanently in my portfolio of work.


      One of the last photos I took of Jessica was about two years ago.  She was worn out from TJ and her lifestyle.  Probably a month after I took this photo, she left for the US to get clean.


      She got in to a great residential program and was doing well.  Until she wasn't.  She got someone to buy her a plane ticket back to San Diego in Jan 2018.  A few days before her flight back here, she messaged me asking for a ride in to TJ from the airport.  I didn't reply to the message.  Then I get another message a few days after her scheduled flight.  She missed her flight due to being arrested for shoplifting but would be arriving later in the week.  She came back to Tijuana and began using again.  I saw her a few times and then got a message that she was in the hospital due to an abscess on her finger.  She lost part of her finger because of it.

      In the summer of 2018, her novio Chucky was arrested for murder and sent to prison.  Jessica continued on in TJ and San Diego for a few months but left back in November of 2018 or so.  She has taken up smoking crack in the US.  Her attempts at sobriety are long forgotten.



    2. Another year gone by since last celebrating Mothers Day por mi amiga.  I got off work at 4:30pm and jammed south.  Zero traffic. Breezed thru customs with my 6 month visa.  

      As I came down the PedWest MX side ramps, I pulled up Uber.  5 cars ? 4 mins away.  Cool. Set destination at 5th y Negrete and “Confirm”.  “Finishing trip nearby”. FUUUUUCK.  I remembered people in Uber FB group saying to cancel but I could see he was coming over the bridge.   Ok, give it a shot. 

      The nearby destination was where I was, “La Chapparell.”  Sweeet.  Lady jumps out, I jumped in. Fast and easy.  The Uber, not the Chica.  HA!!

      At 5:50 about half the florists are closed, but my favorite is one of the florists open.  

      300 pesos later have a nice flower arrangement and I am on my way to relax with mi amiga.  

      Cambio 18.1 at 5:15pm by KFC/7-11, 18.0 by PedWest mall.  


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