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    • The Out of Town Hobbyist - 02/20 TR
      Tuesday 2/18 – I wanted to start my travels on a good note, so I used personal mileage to upgrade my departing flight across the Pacific.  Lie flat seats work well when you’re on a red-eye and expected to be at work first thing in the morning.  At the car rental, I usually opt for cars with California plates just because they are less conspicuous.  However, there is a Charger SRT with Arizona plates in the Hertz gold line-up, and I grab it.  Yada Yada Yada, and work shit is under control/completed, it’s Thursday afternoon, and I’m officially off the clock.  Pull out of the corporate office parking lot and floor it.  Rear end kicks out to the left, I head right, and I almost wreck into a parked car.  Nerdy pocket protector colleagues always goofing of in the parking lot probably saying “What is that unsophisticated old Hawaiian guy doing this time”.  Fuck them, I’m going to TJ, and also I love the smell of burning rubber in the morning.  245-40-20’s were down to 39’s by the end of my rental week.

      Thursday 2/20 – I decide to stick around and pre-game breweries in Irvine area.  I hit up:

      Bootlegger’s Brewery


      Salty Bear

      Green Cheek Beer Co.

      Now I’ve got enough alcohol in me so technical brain has morphed into it’s more stable hobbyist brain, and I can make the remaining boring drive to SD.  Park at the E Street Trolley Station.  Jump on the Blueline to Ped East, and with my pre-printed form (that I’m not even able to read) and I’m through in less than 2-minutes.  HK Zona shuttle guy appears to be waiting just for me with a cool bottle of water.  Cascadas front desk person says Aloha Mr. xxx, and I’m in my room within 3-minutes.  Do a little bio refresh and let’s get the party started.

      Step out the back door to the Alley and the first SG I see in front of Edwardo is Feregi Wendy.  I don’t even cross the street, just hand signal her over and we’re back in Cascadas.  Session is
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    • Another four night romp in Havana!
      Ever since my first trip last May, I kept wondering if I missed something and I have been curious enough to return. Thus, after more research, it was time to return and explore a tad more.

      A lot of the logistic information in this TR is repeated from the previous TR for the benefit of others seeking to go there for the first time.

      Logistics: Can people from the USA travel to Cuba? YES! But, you must declare one of the following reasons to travel to Cuba:

      Here’s the full list of categories:

      Family visits

      Official business for the US government, foreign government and certain intergovernmental organizations


      Professional research

      Religious activities

      Public performances

      Support for the Cuban people

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    • OXXO
      Convenience stores conveniently located everywhere in TJ.

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    • 2/12 Fussy Bombing Run Through The Twilight Zone
      Wednesday 2/12 Fussy Bombing Run Through The Twilight Zone

      Since I've been lurking here for over a year, I figured I better start paying for my spot at the shadowy table in the corner with a TR.  My TR's get to be a little long and a little embellished.  I spin so many stories to my 12 grandkids that I don't think I could ever tell just a Joe Friday story anymore.

      A lot of planets have to come into alignment for me to escape for a run to the Zona, and they did on Wednesday. I left the office in SD, got to the border at about 5pm and got my pesos (the place between the trolley tracks gives me smaller notes without a hassle).  Got some cheap drogas for thyroid, blood pressure & antibiotics while I got my vitamin v, just in case I needed a cover story when I got home.

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    • What makes one a PLM?
      I first heard the term used on the old site when I joined it several years ago. My understanding is that a PLM (Pathetic Loser Monger) is someone who falls in love with a prostitute and is then taken advantage of financially. 

      However, there seems to be a lot of gray area as far as what the term means; or maybe a better way of saying it is that the term is used in different ways to describe different behaviors. 

      So what makes one a PLM? What "crosses the line" into PLM Behavior? What is not PLM behavior but is commonly referred to as PLM behavior? 

      For example I don't think giving a chica gifts is necessarily a PLM move. I do think giving a chica money for fraudulent reasons ( meaning the monger knows they are BS reasons) is PLM behavior. 

      I am curious to hear other amigos thoughts on the term as well as its usage and meaning. 
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    • Another memorable Superbowl
      My 1st memorable Superbowl in TJ occurred years ago it involved a novia getting in a bar fight and ending up in jail. Im happy to report this memorable Superbowl did not involve jail, the police or any fights.

      After a nice lunch  at Hotel Ticuan  the GF and I headed for the Zona to watch the game. She already understood there was a Caliente ticket for around $700 dollars that we would be splitting if KC won the game. So hence we had an instant KC football fan. As we walked down Revolucion past all the souvenir shops she was looking for some gear to show her support for the Chiefs. All they had was burlap bag looking purses and big ugly looking KC ponchos. We did find a place that was doing face painting. She pulled out a picture of the KC logo she had on her phone and the lady agreed to paint it on her for $3. Great now she was Superbowl ready.

      We chose her favorite zona bar to watch the game, Gold Palce, but apparently Gold Palace never got the memo who was playing . The place was filled with Green bay packer baloons and even had a stripper decked out in Packer gear. It was a great game,  however the GF was confused to see me cheering for SF in the first half. But that was related to a vegas bet that only needed SF to win the 1st half. But after half time we both all in for KC
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    • A two night exploration of Monterrey Mexico!
      I had some days off, and wanted to interview a new dentist down in Monterrey, so it was time to head to Monterrey! I should note that I'm not @tomjackin so you won't find a ton of info about different clubs. Plus I had people with me.

      The drive was easy. 2.5 hours to Laredo and parked in the secure Greyhound bus station parking, then a quick walk to the border. It is about 3 blocks to the Americas bridge. 

      You must buy a ticket to cross the bridge on the American side. Then you walk downstairs and across the bridge. On the far side you exit into Nuevo Laredo. We were going into the interior of the country so I stopped one of the gals from SAT and asked her for a VISA (FMM). I got a strange look and she waved me off. So much for that. No passport check of any kind either. 

      Afterwards, we had some issues. We assumed that Uber would be available in Nuevo Laredo but they do not operate there. We hailed a taxi and took it to the Senda bus station, where we bought tickets to Monterrey. $25 per person and the bus was super clean with nice plush seats and flat screen TV's at every seat. It took about 3 hours to get to MTY because of the speed limit it seemed. We drove through the SAT checkpoint without stopping.

      Upon arrival we went right to the dentist and it was a very good experience. Excellent guy for the right price. I will definitely get some work done. 

      Afterward, we went to our hotel. We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard near San Pedro Garza Garcia. It was clean and comfortable - the beds especially so.

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    • Chica hairstyles in Spanish
      I like to compliment chicas on their appearance, so learning Spanish vocabulary is helpful.   

      Here are some visual aids to TJ chica hairstyles. Pelo means Hair.


        Straight = Lacio



        Curly = Rizado or China




        Short = Corto




        Long = Largo




        Wig = Peluca




        Ponytail = Cola de caballo




        Pigtails = Coletas




        Braids = Trenzas




      Add your own pics you’ve taken of TJ chicas hairstyles and the Spanish words.       
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    • Instagram of HK Chicas



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    • TJ T & A
      pics from my travels
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