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    • Blazers in CDMX 2021
      Booked this flight from TJ once I found out my vaccine schedule.   Aeromexico $129 all in, including carry on luggage(that is a la cart everywhere now in Mexico for domestic flights).   I wanted to stay in Colonia Roma or Condesa but noticed that most of the places I wanted to visit were near Centro Historico and beyond so picked an airbnb in Centro Historico https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/18639464?source_impression_id=p3_1619388060_zLbhsydE4Zu%2FlVaV

      This report will have the following:

      Cantina tour

      Pulqueria tour

      4 escorts total(also 2 kicked back and one catfish)

      Taqueria tour

      I did a ton of research on youtube and online so had a solid plan.   One thing I noticed is that nowhere at the TJ airport or the CDMX airport did they ask for my ID of any form.  They just checked my boarding pass on my phone.    You now have the options of Didi, Uber or Bolt from the CDMX airport to go into town.   Took about a half an hour, 135 p

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    • HK Return
      I finally went back to HK for the first time since November of last year. I have been meeting up with the favorita as of late but last night I decided to take a trip down to the zona by myself to check out the atmosphere. A couple things stood out to me: 
      1. HK expansion is huge. 

      2. The old guard of chicas we felt in love with before the pandemic is no more. There’s a new batch of young, horny chicas ready to suck your pockets dry.

      3. Apparently the main desk in Cascadas is now only for one hour arribas or for getting a room for the night. Second floor desk is only for 30 minute arribas.  

      4. No cover charge ON A SATURDAY, this really blew me away haha. 

      5. Finally, I overall had a good time. It was good to see HK poppin again after such a long time. The speakeasy was alright I guess but nothing beats HK at its full potential. I was back in the USA by 3:00 am. 
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    • What is the craziest thing you have seen in a TJ bar?
      The "What is the craziest thing you have seen in a TJ bar" thread was my favorite of all time in TJ amigos. I used to read it frequently and laugh out loud to myself. I looked through the TJ Amigos forums and could not find it 😔. But thats okay cause we can create a new thread here! 😎

      So...what is the craziest (or funniest) thing you have seen in a TJ bar? 

      (Sorry, I don't have much to contribute here. I guess I need to go into the bars more...even though I usually find what I need outside 😁). 
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    • Jennifer - an excursion with an agency-less escort that was almost fucked by daylight savings time
      This is a review of this chica - A quick thanks and shoutout to @Greenman for the lead here. He is a gentlemen and a scholar and deserves some kind of award for his photos, sharing, and highlighting of very nice, prime chica.. I am an 18 year TJ vet who wrote quite a few reports on the old TJA site. This is the first time I have been inspired to write in many years. 

      Pictures posted in the linked thread are accurate AF so I won't spend much time describing that. She is thin, and toned, and a bit tall. Upon her arrival at La Mansion dressed in everyday clothes, she seemed a tiny bit nervous but she still laughed at my bad jokes in mediocre Spanish. After a quick shower, she returned wrapped in a towel as I was finishing off a spliff of homegrown Blackberry Kush. She declined to finish off the blunt, but showed me her personal stash of edibles, nice. I went to take a quick rinse off myself as she finished up some phone business and got comfortable. 

      Upon my return we moved over to the bed for some hair free DATY. She was accommodating, but not overly enthused by the elicit act. Delicious and odor free were the words I would use here, but without an audio soundtrack to go with it I ended my oral affection as soon as she was wet enough for my liking. Moving on to some nice deep pokes in her face hole, after which I knew she had the skills to pay the bills. 

      I moved her for some doggie off the edge of the bed, and was happy to discover that she is Magnum approved. Not the most enthusiastic of lovers this time around, but I have a
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    • Grand return to TJ... NOT!
      Hello all… its been awhile.

      A month ago or so, I got my second Moderna vaccine shot and 2.5 weeks later I decided to go to TJ  and experience some sense of normalcy in my life.  It had been a year since I’ve been back and I was looking to enjoy mongering again.  My plan was to visit only SGs because I had no interest in going into the bars. While I do love the bar scene, I am pretty much a cheapskate and would rather spend my money on an SG of my choosing for half the price. I normally spend about 700 pesos for a SG including: the room, 30 minutes, covered bj and multiple positions.  Of the three that I had this first trip back, only one was okay with that price. The other two were ROBs!

      First girl: Jaqueline @ Hotel Riviera (underneath the Delicias Bar sign) - - - ROB   Score: 0/10

      Original pic posted by @vegasrick

      So, middle of the day, I walked past this chica with a wingman of mine and she said “ven vamos al cuarto.” I find that women who normally say something to you as you’re walking by, tend to rip you off or are just straight up lame in the sack.  I kept on walking, but I did like her look and so I returned to her minutes later and asked her how much the service was.  She said
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    • San Miguel Restaurante (Playas)
      If you've just awoken in a dingy Playas motel with a lady of ill repute by your side, have her to put on her school girl outfit and grab those tacones because there is a nice swanky restaurant bar that serves a mean breakfast. It's a swanky little joint in Playas and due to Covid restrictions, running at 25% capacity with only 6 tables available inside and 1 outdoors. The owner was very attentive, and even though I wasn't wearing cargo shorts he recognizing I was a foreigner and offered me the English menu. For both décor and cuisine, it was impressive -- they spin great branding with a sword integrated into their logo for an epic culinary narrative. The Cappuccino was subtle, not sweet and just right hailing of an expresso style of Cuban decent. Had the shrimp omelet, it was formidable and tasty, infused with bright apricot colored sauce with a full shrimp on top staring & giving me the guilt trip. Finished off breakfast with a savory Apple Waffle and respectable amount of mixed fruits that was unique, delicious and just melts on your mouth. The owner was very attentive and appears experienced at his craft. Final bill was $35.

      Four out of five fichas.

      Only prior reference on this site I found was buried in another restaurant thread.





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    • How much $ for a daily rate when traveling with a favorite?
      Ok, so I done fucked up and got myself a favorita thus breaking my #1 rule of no repeats, no strings, yada yada.  Her and I have decided to take an overnight trip down to VdG, do some wine tasting, dinner, etc.  My question is, what is the common going rate for this?  On one hand, I don’t want to be a heartless cheap Gringo and on the other hand, I don’t want to overpay thus fucking up the curve for all you other cheap Gringos.  I’ll be covering all the expenses, AirBnB, etc.   Quanto?
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    • HK re-opening
      Okay, I was just down in TJ Sat 3/13 to Wed 3/17 and here's some bullet points about HK logistics and such. I'm sure others have been there already also, but I thought I'd put it down on the site for people who haven't been yet.

      - HK, the actual bar, is open 10:00am to 3:00am.

      - Cascadas 7th floor speakeasy is open 3:00am to 10:00am.

      - Cascadas 10th floor version of AB's The Club is open 3:00am to 7:00am. (I didn't see either of those locations, as those are sleeping hours for me.)


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    • Cuartos y callejons con chicas
      you know this one
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    • Abril de Cancun-spotted at Hotel Rizo-4th floor
      Yes, she's back! 

      I can attest to this-since I spent a few hours with her, fichas, etc. last Saturday evening.

      She's tons of FUN!!

      Lots of energy and with those beautiful, stunning bright blue eyes and blonde hair, she makes a huge impression!

      Makes out with plenty of passion at the table in Rizo, DFK, and she will let you explore her perfect body!

      She also danced on the pole 100% nude as well-what's a guy to do?

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