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    • Blanca @Sweetsgirlstj
      I like to give as many details as I can remember in my reviews since I have been lurking here for years and i have learned alot from the contributors here over the years and I want to be able to help the next guy so if you don't care skip down to the LASER. I have tried Musas (Bambi) and wanted to try one of the other agencies. When I saw the pictures of Blanca's tits I knew she was next.
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    • Onyx from Ensenada
      A big girl, plenty of implants (and she wants more). Speaks English with a pocha accent.

      In the room, I put 1500 pesos on the table, and she grabbed it. Gave me a covered BJ, and proceeded then to ride me. I didn't finish, mostly because of time constraints. 

      She was not shy at all.

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    • Border wait times
      Does any one know what time is best after 11am on a weekday to drive back across?  I assume at around 10pm it'll be a quick drive across but I prefer an earlier time.  I would hope 30min or less for sure not an hour or more.
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    • Awesome Ninna, Telegram sensation...
      Ninna is an artist, in more ways than one, highly intelligent, and speaks awesome english... with what sounds like a french accent... to me.  Her services are an anomaly - she is GFE in spirit, very cooperative and friendly, kisses, but no BBBJ.   At least, that was the case 2 weeks ago.  She is 19.  She gave permission to share these photos, including her beautiful face. 

      She can be found in the Tijuana Telegram groups, Sexy Club 664, Tijuana 664 Apoyo, Escort Gordibuenas....  

      (This, and other posts like it, are primarily for the sake of reviewing great providers in Tijuana, but also a way to make good use of a growing portfolio of professional boudoir photoshoots I have conducted during my stay here.  The models gave permission for use, or their photos would not be here. Many would prefer I not share.  Referrals for new photo shoots are appreciated.  The first shoot is always free.  Bon Appetite.)

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    • LayWhore Weekend Trip
      first a shout out to @hoechiminh, @SomeguyTJ, @Don Pisto, @Melcher Dingleand also the tall asian dude who's handle i forgot already...

      it was fun hanging with you gents...i hope you all thoroughly enjoyed yourselves this weekend also...
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    • Rona Zona 8-27 to 9-1
      couldn't stand the smoke and the humidity here in The Bay Area so i grabbed my shit and hopped in the car and headed south.   

      The Central Valley was a shitshow of smoky humidity as well, I could only make it as far as Buttonwillow before crashing out and some shitty Hotel. Woke up and made the rest of the trip down, what a relief when finally hitting San Clemente and the ocean breeze...

      Decided on the aqua Rio Hotel this time. About $43 or so per night during the weekdays in 50 on the weekends. A little further away from the Strip than i am used to, but uber is cheap and I wanted to try something different. 

      Checked in at the hotel - the recepcionista was pretty cute with some hips that could support a brood of rugrats like no other.  Quickly made my way to the alley.
      Counted about 80 + girls at about 4 p.m. on a Thursday and decided to pick a random chica who had a fat ass as the pickings were all from the b-team.

      yvette,  puebla.  portón

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    • Monday & Tuesday In the Zona.
      Bare with me.

      Typically I enjoy gfe, ngfe will suffice though.

      I usually make the trip making Wendy (sg) & Bambi (escort) my must see. 

      This will be a basic account of my trip.

      Arrive in the zona & check into Cascadas.

      Wendy was out and of course there it is. We go up and hit it and all is wonderful. Wendy is awesome for me. 

      Making the rounds checking out some speakeasys. Never have like the Cascadas speakeasy. Good eye candy, that is about it. 

      AB been in prior to the pandemic and never was impressed with the line up. Maybe it was my timing. I tell you the speakeasy at AB I enjoyed the most even with the AC not on and the fans blowing warm air. lol

      Met Maricella (sg) Stood by Cascadas in the alley. She was joking with me as I walked by and I took her up. Her tongue action got me. And that is not kissing.

      After a recharge I met Marianna whom stands with Maricella. Jokster she is. Went up had our fun.

      Went late night To HK, Not impressed therefore I went to checkout CC, Wow dead as ****.

      At the clubs I will grab a drink and sit. I will not approach a lady. I let them work for it. Lots seem lazy expecting the gent to approach. In my opinion the ones that work for it seem to be much better in private time.

      Now off to AB. Met Anna. I wanted to take her up, just could not at this time.

      Dinner the 1st night was at Caesars. Awesome as always.


      Day 2


      Woke early decided to see what early looked at AB. Dead as **** Walked in 2 ladies were there. They were occupied.

      One of the ladies was Anna. I went to leave, was at the bottom of the stairs and Anna walked fast to catch me. Anna must of seen a mark. lol.

      We head to the room and had our fun.

      early afternoon ran around revolution.


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    • Costa Rica Trip Report - Nov 2019
      Hey guys,

      Brand new to the forum but thought I'd post a report from my trip to Costa Rica late last year. I would be interested in hearing from those who've visited Costa Rica and TJ and can offer a comparison. My impression is that the food and chicas are more abundant in TJ (and in Mexico in general) but Costa Rica is definitely safer esp. for living long term. Thoughts?



      I recently visited San Jose (Del Rey Hotel - https://www.delreyhotel.com/ - 1 night) and Jaco Beach (Copacabana Hotel & Suites - 4 nights - http://www.copacabanahotel.com )

      Pictures and videos are here (none of the girls though): https://www.flickr.com/photos/185843422@N07/collections/72157712074114428/


      See attached.

      I enjoyed my visit overall but probably would not return, mostly because of personal preferences and issues. I came primarily for working girls, food, and the beach. I don't really drink just to drink, so I had no interest in bars.  

      Vanessa ( https://shuttle506.com/ ) was my driver. She drove me from the airport to the Hotel Del Rey, then to the Copacabana Hotel the next morning, and then back to the airport from the Copacabana at the end of my trip. She went way beyond just driving me around, giving me a tour of the entire Jaco Beach area, stopping at the Tarcoles bridge, and sharing a ton of information about San Jose, Jaco, and her life. Very friendly woman and would definitely hire her again.

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    • 8/28-9/1 First Trip Report
      Whats up guys. 

      This is my first trip report and first time in TJ, and have to say I was not disappointed. My original plan was to fly into San Diego and walk across the border or take a taxi or something. But when I heard about the long lines I just figured the safer bet was to fly directly into TJ and not
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    • Kalinca Spa
      From @Diggy ca Spring 2015:

      Visited the Kalinca Spa this past Saturday. Basically, if you're going there from Zona Norte, then walk up Constitution on the LHS pavement (i.e. the side where the Hotel Irma is). One you cross over Calle Primera, you will pass an OXXO, then a few more yards and you'll see a stairwell leading up a flight of stairs. You'll see the number 770-C written on the outside wall of the building right next to where the stairwell is. You'll also see the words "TAROT" written overhead where the stairwell begins. Anyway, go up the stairs and the entrance to the Spa is on the lefthand side.

      I was greeted by a receptionist named Alejandra who looked pretty dam fine in her tight jeans and tight buttoned-down shirt, though no boobs to speak of. I asked for an hour massage which was $25. A therapist named Liza took me into a room and it looked very clean. They have 5 or 6 rooms there and the whole place looked very clean. Even the shower was clean with good hot water pressure.

      Liz gave me a pretty good massage, she has strong hands and worked out some knots on both my shoulders. She has a pretty face, is short, maybe 5'2" with some bootilicious booty on her. I had her go in my inner thighs and had to keep prying her her to go deeper inside my upper thighs and then I told her "poco toca es no problema" and she lubed my balls up good and gave me a balls massage like I've never had one before. I really enjoyed it. On the flip, she went at my little member with mucho gusto. Funny thing was there was a knock on the door when I had just flipped over and Alejandra saw me in my full (erect) glory! I was never draped for my massage from the beginning.

      Liza has a sister named Alexandra who alos sued to work at Vivamex with her before and there is another ex-Vivamex therapist named Naomi who also works at Kalinca though I did not see her that day.

      Attached are pics of this place as well as their business card.

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    • smoothburnn
      Another, welcome aboard  Jump in with both feet , and enjoy the ride.   Be it smooth sailing , or a roller coaster.   Hold on & Enjoy 
    • c-diddy
      There are a few sayings that relate to diet, "you can't out-exercise a bad diet" and "abs are made in the kitchen."  So, exercise is great but to lose weight it needs to be combined with a sound long term eating plan.  "Intermittent fasting" is potentially going hungry all morning aside from coffee, which supresses hunger.  I've found that I'm more alert in the morning without the food coma often experienced after a full meal.  I think it's how we evolved, humans need to be alert in order to catch food then become more at ease once securing a meal.    As for the original question, I don't have any specialized apps for diet but I do use Google Sheets which I can edit on my phone.  I've setup the spreadsheet for running daily and monthly caloric averages.  It's easy to track when preparing varations of the same base diet every day.  Then, for auto entries I have a bluetooth weight scale which comes with an app sycing to Apple Health, Fitbit and Google.  Also, a blood pressure monitor that sends to its own app then syncs with Apple Heath.
    • Dulla
      I have a housemate.  He walks 10 miles every other day. He is around 250 and obviously overweight. He tells me he has been trying for a long time to shade weight and if he did not do the walking he would mount to around 300lbs. We keep our food separated in the fridge, he takes one side and mine is all on the other side.  When you see what we eat, his is all pre-made or processed food in packages, lots of sweetened yogurt, Cereals, milk, ice-cream, seed oils, bananas, grapes, slice bread, jams, table sugar. When you see what I have in the fridge and elsewhere you see lots of unprocessed food, frozen uncooked organic meats, chicken, fish,lots of green leaves, coconut water, plain full-fat yogurt, nut flours, sardines, onions, garlic, avocados, home baked nut bread, eggs, Coffee, etc.... He also eats out mostly, yes mostly.  I rarely do that.  
    • Dulla
      You will definitely lose power.
    • Sargon
      I wake up fine.  I would say that I am often in perhaps a bit deeper sleep when the alarm goes off, but I'm not too groggy.  
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