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    • Amigos de Santa 2019
      It's November and time again to ask for your help and generosity in making Amigos de Santa happen in 2019!

      For the new Amigos here, this is an ongoing Christmas project started by @sampson several years ago and then I happened to offer my opinion on the thread about it and next thing I know, I'm bagging up candy for the niños and helping to deliver... then a few more Amigos started to pitch in to help and some $$ and it just snowballed!

      We even have a website for it now - http://www.amigosdesanta.com

      In short, we hand out presents and stockings to 350 kids here in Zona Norte on Christmas Eve with Sampson dressed up as "Gringo Claus".... each kid gets a red felt stocking stuffed with good candy, small toys, etc, plus a present.  For the presents, we hand out soccer balls and pumps for the older kids, Barbies and toy trucks, and big teddy bears for the littlest kids.

      FYI, yes, we have candy canes in the stockings and no they are not kale-flavored. 

      Wanna help with cash or your time?  Send me a PM. 
      p/s -- Thanks already to @Melcher Dingle for scoring a big pile of teddy bears for us and to @Kevin for hooking us up with some storage space for all the goodies here in TJ!

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    • Review of Bar Zorro's Nancy
      Mini Review of Nancy from Zoro’s

      So I am out late at night on Revolution and bored to death as it’s the 7th time I made a lap around that blvd. At the end of Revolution this Barker starts tell me that it’s a “Titty bar” and that they have 2 for one beers that day. I’m tired and bored and think to myself what the heck – Ill check this out.

      Well it’s a Mexican “Titty” bar, not like the ones I am used to in the states (it’s actually a Brothel) and Nancy comes sits next to me and I’m thinking to myself she’s not too shabby. They want me to buy her shots of Tequllia and I’ve had some wild times doing that with other women in other places in TJ so I figure why not it’s $6.00 per drink). I get her drunk at about 6 or 7 shots into this and it starts to get fun as I learned later that she was flat broke so she was game for anything.   So its $100 per hour – there but I had a sauna suite in Hotel Ticuan that I wanted to check out and so I paid the house and additional $60 to take her to my place  total of $160 for her services and it was around 1:30 am on a Thursday and the bar was dead. She agreed to stay longer than 1 hour – as long as I wanted her too and the service level was going to be boyfriend level.

      I took me V pill and got the water hot and we settled into a pretty good session. We did the entire alphabet together and tried to bang in the sauna but that was too difficult, shes a fun drunk. I learned later after I got her on the bed she was freaking really tight but she popped twice and we had a lot of fun together. I got 2 pops out of it and we both went to sleep – she woke at about 5:30 AM and said she needed to go back to the bar as she lived there but was from Mexico city. That was great – unfortunate later I did her again and after that she started to get really money hungry and always needed cash for this or that. She has this fat roommate she insisted I do for $200 and I balked at that so I guess she got mad at me. So I saw her twice – first time was great, second time was ok – and she went nuts on me after that for cash so I wound up giving up on her

      She’s 31, good looking girl, nice dance moves and a spinner (See pics, I should have taken more sorry) – no scars or extra flab and has 2 kids in Mexico City (4 and 7 I think). I won’t repeat as the last time I saw her she needed 800 pesos to pay a bar bill and she agreed that she would come over after work– but after work it was nothing but silence so do not trust her or anything. On the whole this was ok but she burned me twice so never again, I get it that shes broke and doenst want to do this but dont take a good thing for granted. I’ve attached pics of her dancing and with me. 

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    • Misc. CC Pics / Videos
      Day time action
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    • "Smells like Pink Tacos” err... Coffee
      Was running low on coffee from the local roasters here in San Diego, and was in need of beans so headed down this Saturday, for their Huele a Cafe Expo.  Been using the services of sugar babies lately so it's been ages since I've been to the Zona to get laid, and per my dirty photos it was July 5th, to be exact so I was going in with a fresh look.  

      Shaved my balls, and sprayed that aerosol can of Axe body spray down my groin and up my taint. Since I would be attending the coffee event later, decided to accessorize with a scarf, my tightest ass jeans, and straw fedora hat to cover my bad comb-over.  I must of looked like dad dressed up on Halloween as a wannabe hipster.

      Traffic around Plaza Rio looked like a mess on Google Maps that afternoon, so I first opted for a massage at Azteca. My assigned masseuse did a good job on the upper back, but  I love a good ass massage but she shied away from ass cheeks and kept them covered with the rather large towel.  Perhaps I should've shaved my ass as well.   My tipping patterns are usually $20 for excellence, $15 for very good, and $10 for adequate and 100 pesos for poor.   Can't remember her name, but she was just adequate.


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    • Mid-August Overnight Trip
      Unfortunately, I began my day having only slept 5 hours and prepared my belongings to take with me to the bus station.  My bus arrived a bit early and I was well on my way to have some fun! I tried so hard to catch some sleep on the bus, but the damn freeway was way too bumpy and I had so many dirty, sexy thoughts on my mind hehehehe

      I arrived at San Ysidro at 2:45 PM, exchanged my USD to pesos across the street from Jack in the Box, made my way across the border and hopped into an Uber to the pharmacia for a blue magic pill.  I took a stroll down Pasaje Rodriguez to visit Casa Retro and to see what vinyl records they had in stock.  Was looking for Aztlan by Zoe, but no luck.  The album was “agotado!”

      Arrived to the zona through the Ninos Heroes side with the intent to bump into SG Jessica from Puebla that used to work at Cuartos Venecia, but now uses Cuartos Cazuelas.  No luck! It had been a while since I had last seen her and really wanted to session with her. I kept on walking and arrived to the alley entrance of Cascadas and SG Maribel, one of my semi-regulars, greeted me with a sexy smile.  I got my room on one of the upper floors… YES! I love these new rooms; got situated and prepared to begin the sexy times!

      Walked downstairs feeling mighty sleepy, but got pulled in by SG Maribel @ Cascadas lol.  Wasted no time and rushed her to my room! She was wearing a sexy body fishnet with bra and thong.  Took of my pants and became instantly hard looking at her sexy booty through that fishnet! She started by sucking me off and once I was diamond-like hard, she began to ride me rather quickly and with great prowess! After two minutes she prompted me to get on top of her and I obliged.  I banged away as her soft, yet tranny-like moans, sounded off.  After only 5 minutes of missionary, I exploded into her with a good amount

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      Stories of rip offs and information on how to avoid those situations.

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    5. TJ Fiestas & Trip Amigos

      Post and/or read here about parties in Tijuana and invites to meet up with fellow amigos. Charity fundraiser and other stuff like that goes here too.

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      Use this forum to discuss everything about living in Mexico's Finest City.

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    7. Transgender Splendor

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      If you are looking to view over 1 million Tijuana photos and posts, Message Administrador or Reuben for site access to the original TJAmigos

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      Images of interest from Tijuana.

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      Discuss anything about other cities in Mexico:  hotels, entertainment, dining, etc.

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  7. Services in Tijuana

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    2. TJ Services

      Automotive repairs, car washes, banks/ATMs, carpenters, electricians, gov’t offices, insurance, movers, travel agencies, etc.

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    3. Shopping Down South

      Shopping Malls, Swap Meets, Specialty Stores where you can get things either cheaper or not available in the US.

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    4. Other Services

      Attorneys, Repairmen, Tours, Libraries, Dry Cleaners, Film Processing, Gyms, Laundromats, Locksmiths, Salons & Spas, Shoemakers, Supplies, Tailors, Transportation: Buses/Colectivos/Taxis/Uber, etc.

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    5. Miscellaneous Issues

      Visas, banking etc...

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  8. Spanish School

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    • PhordPhan
      For the first time in, like, forever, I'll actually be in town on the same day as the fiesta. OTOH, I promised to go partying with Rocky the Flying Squirrel. I wonder if she'd consent to dropping into a party where, on the upside, there's free beer. On the downside there will apparently be a bunch of women of rentable virtue and a bunch of old horny gringos.  What to do... what to do...
    • KCQuestor
      Ah, I understand now. I always wondered why there was an agency named after an old bar.
    • sampson
      Team Juanita is an escort agency that I started in 1997. Our website Mexico lindo bar. Com was started as agreement to have our agency work under a license. many people now refer to us as MLB but on our website refers to the Team Juanita girls on multiple occasions and our ladies are referenced on other sites as Team Juanita. Other sites also recognizes as MLB but that never has been our name and only our website for the purpose of licensing.
    • KCQuestor
      OK, I feel dense, but I've done a search and I don't know what "Team Juanita" is. The only results for the word Juanita are these posts and one announcement of a girl being killed. Is it an agency, a club, something from the old TJA board?
    • sampson
      Well I  intended to mean Team Juanita's party but it's for everybody
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