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    • Tesla de Hermosillo
      Damn, this girl is the epitome of a "fuck doll". Shot this video of her last night. The photo are from HK's website gallery. She looks 100x better in person and has blue eyes!!! Before I asked her for a drink, I told the mesero to make sure she drinks beers because I had a funny feeling about this one drinking only water (like the famosa Sharon with the boltons!).

       Sure enough she sits with me and orders a glass of water and I gave the mesero a look of disgust. Anyway, she let me feel her up for a few dollars and declined a lapdance, however she was not talkative at all so I let her go!

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    • Other bars
      Seems like there is ongoing discussion of Hong Kong, Tropical and Chicago.  How are the others doing?  La Gloria, Valentina, Playboy, la Carreta, Golden?  I know no one else bothers with Rio Verde so won't ask.  Are most empty?  Are they still overstaffed with annoying camareros?  
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    • General observations and experiences, last week of July
      I spent a week in TJ and while I can't seem to recall the chronological order of any of it, I'll share a few of my highlights and photos.

      Finally the Baja Duty Free by the trolley is open again and I made it down here in time enough to actually go in there and buy cigarettes.  Wait.  Maybe that was last time.  Anyway, they're closed on Sundays and close at 6pm sharp on the other days.

      One of my meseros from Chicago got fired for being late.  At least, that's what he told me.  But he got an interview over at Deja Vu and I went with him over to the Pueblo Amigo plaza area to grab a bite to eat and look around as he did the interview.  Here's the deal to work at Deja Vu as a mesero.  You have to buy their uniform thing (about $60 USD) and then you pay $130/week to work there.  I told him that I thought it was a bad deal and the place is usually dead but he decided he'd give it a try for a few days.  He made THIRTEEN dollars on Friday night.  No bueno. 

      On the bonus side of things though, I am slowly amassing a quality wardrobe of ZN mesero apparel - I bought his Chicago Club mesero shirt for $30, which is what he said he paid for it.    I also scored a super sweet Chicago Club COORDINATOR t-shirt with gold lettering for $20 from the guy who was wearing it one night. 

      I tried to get Miguel at LC/HK to hook me up with one of those hats with the little Chinese queue braid but he said he needed it for a few days longer.

      Speaking of mesero clothing in Zona, there was one of the CC barkers on the corner wearing a full-on suit in PURPLE with maroon velvet shoes.  I kid you not.  Coincidentally, I had on my maroon velvet shoes that night but they were not nearly as luxe as this guy's.

      @PsiFlash was in town and we had dinner over at Sende Norte.  It was decent enough this time but I ordered both the salmon toast and the tuna tartare to make sure I had at least something edible.  We headed out onto NH after dinner and I spotted this parked right out front:

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    • My TJ Weekend Adventures
      This past weekend in the land of giving chicas your milk when they call you honey.

      Friday. Left the hotel in the afternoon to see if my regular SG was on duty. Not at her post so took a walk round the alley and ended up at HK. Just in time for my favorite thing there, the shave cream show!  Oh my the feel of my hands sliding on fleshy mounds of tit and ass and moving my fingers between their legs. Heavenly. After watching the show I was now more than ever ready t

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    • Is it worth going to the clubs at 10:00 am?
      I'm dropping someone off at the airport early and wanted to hang out before driving back. Is it really worth it going at 10 in the morning? Or go get breakfast, chill then party at a later time?

      Any suggestions are appreciated. 
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    • Sunday Afternoon/Evening Zona Run
      Just got back from a Sunday afternoon / evening Zona run,  so writing this while it's fresh on my mind.  
      Crossed the border around 3 PM and took a taxi to get to Revolution Ave pretty quickly and then walked down
      from there.

      Took a couple quick laps around the block to check out the street talent.  Plenty of girls out and a couple 
      I might have been interested in but I needed a beer or two first.  

      First stop was Hong Kong.  I hadn't been there in over a year so this was the first time I saw the expanded layout
      taking up space in to the old Chavelas.  Some Hong Kong quality chicas in the Chavelas area too.  Nice!  Plenty
      of girls to choose from but even more guys so the girl / guy ratio wasn't particularly favorable.  

      I ficha'd one plump but gorgeous one in the Chavelas area.  Beautiful face.   Was carrying an extra 15 pounds at least
      in the rear but I'm pretty tolerant of that. She said she was 27 which shocked me as she could have passed for 20
      easily.   Unfortunately,  she was pretty firm on $100 plus $20 for the room for just 30 minutes.    
      Tried to negotiate but no dice.  Then made a last ditch attempt to agree to the price but sin condom.  She turned
      down that quickly.  It was too much of a business vibe so I was glad it didn't work out and I left.  

      Couple more laps around the block and I then checked out Tropical.  Glad I did!   Tropical,  as expected, did 
      not have as good of girl quality as HK but there was a good quantity and not as many guys as HK either. 
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    • Dianys
      Saw Dianys's ad on the apoyo por relaciones group and was digging the milky skin and juicy udders.   

      She showed up 5 minutes early to the scheduled time. 

      Jesus wept.

      She's a cute little rocker chick with kinky hair and a great set of tits.   She's a smoker, and not a hardbody but with an attractive youthful body.  We really clicked , which is always fun when it happens.  bbbj, lfk, fiv , tib(thumb in butt), msog.  

      ymmv but we had a very energetic and fun go at it two times.  she was climbing around like a damn monkey and my fat ass just lying there.   the image of her deepthroating with those phenomenal tits swaying... perfection

      Would recommend and repeat. 1900 for a two hour appointment. 

      Her TG handle is "Anydlf"
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    • Amazing Ass
      Please share your pics of TJ chica's asses.     

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    • The "I don't have change" scam
      An amigo of mine (a Tijuana local) was at Mamut brewery last week and had a tab of less than 100p.  He only had a 500p note with him.  The mesera took his money and came back with a large handful of peso coins as his change, apologizing profusely for not having any bills to break his 500p.

      He smiled, graciously accepted the coins, and then counted the change.  It was 110p short.  One hundred and ten pesos.  He called her back over and pointed it out.  She turned red, apologized, and immediately returned with 110p (again in coin).

      Scam or simple math mistake?  I'm thinking it was a scam because Mamut is busy enough to always have plenty of peso notes in the drawer for change.

      Be careful out there and don't be afraid to count your change.  Even the locals do it!
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    • Telegram
      So as a side note about Telegram, somehow it defaults to putting in your full name.  I don't know if comes from contacts or what, but if you install Telegram, go to Settings and tap the three little "drop down" dots to edit your name to remove your last name and/or change it.  You should also add in a username in the settings area so that others can add you without needing your phone number.
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