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    • Viagra price at Costco
      Name brand Viagra is on sale at the Costco in Zona Rio. 

      This works out to less than $5.50 per pill. It comes in a box of 10 individually packaged pills.
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    • Dulce @ Hotel Eduardo
      Dulce stands at the market next to Hotel Eduardo often with her sister Lizabeth. Thanks to @smoothburnn for starting a topic about Lizabeth, which can be found here:

      I think Dulce started in 2019. My first notice of her was in January of 2020. A bit of a traditionalist, Dulce prefers the time-honored Catholic schoolgirl look.


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    • Policia
      In some parts of Tijuana the Policia are helpful and polite, but in other parts they try to help themselves to your money.    
      Share your advice about interactions with Policia.

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    • CC - My All Time Favorites
      stuck at home... has given me time to reflect the good o days during the time Chicago club was what seemed liked to me, back in time the premier club in the zona norte. 

      i’m talking about going back to the 90s? i’m not sure about the exact years... but i do remember some of my favorites during my frequent visits at CC.

      Here is my short list of favorites that i can recall from memory (in no particular order):

      Sonia, Merari, Daniella, Carla, Ivanna, Perla, Lupita, Estephany, Fatima, Vanessa.

      i’m know i’m missing quite a few more.

      CC sure had some real beauties back then.

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    • Coronavirus: Status of La Zona y Tijuana
      I thought I would post a thread where those who are still going to La Zona and those who are in contact with chicas or friends down there could report what they are seeing and hearing.  

      Last week HK ATF #3 and HK ATF #4 both contacted me after a week+ of no contact, both asking when they would see me (aka my wallet).  I almost went down on Friday to see HK ATF #4 and when I told her I wasn't going to be able to go, she told me it has been very, very slow at HK.  Many less hombres.  I asked Abel (mesero at HK) and he read my message but didn't reply.  I wonder if they are being told not to say anything.

      What have people been seeing and hearing?

      POLL ADDED (March 22)
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    • Today Was a Good Day 11/10/20
      "Today Was a Good Day" is a song by Ice Cube from the mid nineties. If you're in the Zona and happen to walk by the Karaoke bar, there's a good chance I'll be in there singing away to that oldie but goodie. That song was a perfect way to describe my day.

      The stars aligned for me and a small window of opportunity opened up so I hustled down to the zona. I only had a few hours so I had to maximize my time.

      At the border crossing I stood in line wondering if I would be sent to secondary like the previous week. That week, I went with a buddy and the border officials told us we needed to purchase the 180 day pass. We declined and were walked back to the US border. We ended up paying a guy $10 a piece to ferry us over via his car.  Fast forward back to this week, I walk up to the border officials desk. He asks me the purpose of my visit, I used the same excuse as last week, this time however I was waved through. Sa La Vie!
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    • SC October Run
      Had a great time in land of spicy Latinas couple weeks ago. 

      Came across one who I would recommend and got some decent shots for y'all Amigos.  Didn't mean to hold out.  Things have been pretty crazy all over, I think you'll agree. 

      Long story short, had a fantastic time despite getting sick from bad ceviche and seafood.   Nailed both book end SG's from the first pic - good service from both, will likely do again (no skin pics of either - I'll get 'em next time) ...   Never do breakfast, but Azul's looked so good had to try it.  Good choice as it helped put me past the bad seafood and prepped me with the calories I needed for a rocking good session with AB honey, ALMA (pictured).

      FANTASTIC SERVICE FROM  BG, ALMA at Adelita Bar !!  

      I know many amigos here scorn the AB.  Yes the Chicas are usually older at AB than HK or TB, but often this means I can bargain for both lower price and more enthusiastic service.  And ALMA did NOT fail on that.  Have not blasted in a TJ girl like that in a long time.  
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    • First 3 Days of November/Pueblo Amigo/HK
      So this is my very first trip report I have written. I am a relative newbie and a young guy but I've had a couple previous trips for escorts only in the past year. I spent a good amount of time with Polly and Brandy from Musas back in the beginning of the year and lucky that I did since they are now gone. I was actually inspired to write up this report when I saw the recent report by @Peaches. I am fairly certain I am now in the same room he was set up in for the Pueblo Amigo.

      So I flew into San Diego on the 1st and crossed over on foot promptly after. There were literally 0 border agents. The foreigner and Mexican lines were the same. Bag scanner was off. There were 2 Mexican military guys standing at the door and that was it. Soooooo, I guess I'm technically an illegal immigrant here.
      Anyway, I check into a single at Cascadas on Sunday night and head into Hong Kong for the first time. Talent was good. Saw a few solid 10s but they were all on the stages. Walked around and the place was fairly full, not packed by any means but everyone was spread out and I could only
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    • First Trip and Trip Report - Halloween Weekend
      I got a rental and drove to SD early in the morning on Saturday. Shout out to some of the posters here for the recommendation, but I went ahead and parked my car at Palm Avenue Trolley Station. Parking spots were plentiful and not many spots were used. Didn't notice any meters or anything to monitor whether you're parked for over 24 hours. I know some posters had reservations of using trolley, but for me it was normal (I did travel a lot for my work, domestic and international, and I used public transportation many times). Yea you might have questionable characters here and there, but nothing unusual. At the station, I purchased one way ticket for 2.50 and hopped on the train. Wait wasn't long and it was only 3 short stops to San Ysidro border. I ended up crossing I believe around 1:30pm. As I was waiting in line, I did notice one guy talking to people and escorting them to a room behind. Not sure what that was for, maybe it was for the Visa? Well I got lucky, didn't have to interact with the guy, but a lady did call me up. I was little nervous considering what I've been seeing lately about a female that was making it difficult for people, but she asked me what I was there for, how long, and she let me pass right through. My reasoning was medical and it was no lie (actually, if anyone here is aware of Stem cell treatment in TJ, would love to converse more about it. I have a family member who suffered a brain injury and just looking for some miracle. I believe we have a health related thread so I'll find the right place to start the dialogue, if it doesn't exist already) and I was only staying for one night so she let me right through after looking at my Passport and asking me to remove my mask. 

      When I normally walk around, I do have earbuds on listening to music. I think that helped with taxi groups and just people asking for things, I was pretty much left alone lol. Tip for those who doesn't want to be bothered. 
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    • Costa Rica Trip Report #2 - Jaco Beach – Oct 15 – Oct 29
      On Thursday I got back from what started out as a vacation filled with problems and mistakes but ultimately turned out to be a very nice trip.
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