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    • Zona on a closed Saturday night
      I was in Tijuana a week ago before the border restrictions went into effect.  It's been more than a week so I figured it was high time to see what the fuck was going on down there.

      I drove down the 5 with very light traffic and pulled off at the last exit to pick up cigarettes, hoping that Baja Duty Free was open.  As I drove down the exit, holy mother!  That big ass parking lot off to the right?  Damn near empty.  This was around 6pm on a Saturday night.

      Baja Duty Free was open so I scored a carton and headed south.  I drove through customs without being stopped and I didn't see them stopping anyone else though I did notice in the post-x-ray area they were busy opening the hood of a car for some reason.

      As I looped around to get on the bridge to Zona, it was sort of deserted.  No line of taxis waiting at PedWest, the HK shuttle garage closed down tight. 

      But coming up Constitucion, it looked like business as usual at least on the edge on Zona.  But when I pulled in to my spot, I noticed how few cars were there.  On a Saturday night, sometimes this place is so packed, they park cars on the ramps for the parking garage.  I could hear a mariachi off in the distance though.  I dropped my bags in my room and decided to go do a drive through of the alley and then up to Revo.
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    • TJ Chica Tattoos
      TJ Chica Tattoos
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    • Coronavirus: Status of La Zona y Tijuana
      I thought I would post a thread where those who are still going to La Zona and those who are in contact with chicas or friends down there could report what they are seeing and hearing.  

      Last week HK ATF #3 and HK ATF #4 both contacted me after a week+ of no contact, both asking when they would see me (aka my wallet).  I almost went down on Friday to see HK ATF #4 and when I told her I wasn't going to be able to go, she told me it has been very, very slow at HK.  Many less hombres.  I asked Abel (mesero at HK) and he read my message but didn't reply.  I wonder if they are being told not to say anything.

      What have people been seeing and hearing?

      POLL ADDED (March 22)
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    • In memory of the days of ample TP.
      This first pic from @tomjackin was the canary in the mine about things to come:
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    • Random from the SG Archives
      Had some time to tool around in the old files.  I was intrigued by someone's earlier post likening a SG to Betty Boop.  Started hunting around looking for a candidate.  She might be in this first batch?  Also some other nameless faces that that may have been requested in other threads.  I've got dozens if not hundreds of SG shots.  If no one objects, I'll keep adding.  Feel free to put names to faces and move pics to their appropriate threads.
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    • Alexandria de Tijuana Play Boy
      My wise friend Ivan once told me, "Sometimes you just need a whore" When I go to Play Boy that's all I'm looking for nothing more and certainly nothing less.

      On a cool Friday night in early January, I saw this dark featured chica almost Mediterranean looking with a see thru top and a scrumptious pair of D sized chi-chi's standing right outside of Play Boy. My monger senses were heightened, I had to see more. The Madonna song from the late 80's starts to play in my mind 🎶Quien es esa nina, who's that girl<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#3c4043;font-size:14px;text-align:left;">Senorita, mas fina, who's that girl<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#3c4043;font-size:14px;text-align:left;">Quien es esa nina, who's that girl<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#3c4043;font-size:14px;text-align:left;">Senorita, mas fina, who's that girl🎶

      I went to the bar and ordered the two for one beer special. The bar tender gave me two cold Sol's and a slid him a 10 peso coin for his trouble(damn I getting frugal). I take a couple of sips of brew and the chica that I was just gawking at makes her way into the club and has a seat. I grab my beers and walk to a table near her. There's a girl dancing on stage but I pay her no mind. My eyes are fixated on this well endowed chica. Her eyes catch mine and she struts over to my table and has a seat.

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    • Misc. HK pics / Video
      I did not see any threads for misc. HK pics.......
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    • When was your first trip ever to Tijuana? How did it happen? How was it?
      Sorry if this topic has been done before (im sure it has), but after posting a youtube link and a brief story about the link in the videos section I couldnt help but start this new topic.

      First let me warn all potential readers, this is a really LONG story your about to read. Sorry for its length and extreme detail but this story is about one of the best memories of my life and its really special to me so i really wanted to include as much as i could remember. PLEASE share your story too and I encourage you to be as detailed as im about to be. If you wana keep it brief thats cool too. if your not interested in reading my long ass story, sorry and i totally understand lol

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    • Gold Palace
      When I first started my Zona adventures, I always seemed to wind up in GP for at least a few beers.  They had great AC in the middle of summer and there weren't loads of people everywhere like Adelita or HK.

      @Melcher Dingle, the late great Caprese, and I would often spend quite a bit of time in there due to the friendly DJ and laid back vibe.  Plus one of my trusted meseros - Norman - has worked there for several years now.

      Anyway, @SuperPerro and I rolled in there a few weeks ago and while things seem more or less the same (new tablecloths but same layout and booths and stuff), they have also jumped on the Foam Show Wagon.  However, given the weirdness of it, I am almost wondering if they were perhaps doing it for the first time EVER that night.

      SP and I go in and grab a booth and some beers.  The DJ recognizes me from all my times in and comes over.  I had a few photos of him from past trips that I gave him.  He was surprised and delighted about this "regalo".    SP mentions it's his birthday (which it was that weekend) and that causes him to yell a bunch of Spanish into the microphone and a gaggle of meseros come over and blow whistles for a minute.

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    • NSE makes a porno
      Zona Norte

      On Thursday I headed down to Tijuana and decided to check out the real-life petri dish known as Zona Norte. I parked at Hotel Leyva and checked out Chicago Club. I did a quick lap and there was a decent number of girls and very few guys. It was loud and I was hungry so I headed out. I went over to Sushi One and had a nice dinner there. Its always fun when the off duty putas come by and have dinner as well.

      I had a beer at HK. I love the sign saying no cover charge, but only $7 beer for entry. After paying for my $7 beer for entry which wasn't a cover charge, I grabbed a table and sat down. There were a lot of girls. Seemed like more girls than normal for a Thursday night. There were a number of guys as well, but it seemed like a bit less guys than normal. Not sure if it is due to concerns about the Coronavirus. I was able to a get a bit of video before I headed out.

      I headed over to Chicago Club and sat down there. There were a lot of girls but very few guys. I love the girl below with the garter belt. She always dances very well and seems pretty nice. However, her face has always been a bit of a turnoff for me. I think next time I'll take her up and see how it goes.

      I sat through one more song, but couldn't take it anymore. The DJ was so fucking loud it was actually hurting my ears. I went outside and complained to the door guy and he said it was the guy's first day. Which it isn't because I've seen him there before. I ended up leaving Zona Norte and figured I'd call a girl into my room.
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    • Haus
      Where's the booger pic??  
    • booger
      you guys are right. thx for the advice.
    • Triflow69
      "Always" best to stay away from the action? Your advice is that people should not stay at Cascadas or Rizo?  That is nonsense. 
    • sampson
      Always best to stay away from the action especially if you are planning on an overnight with a bar chica.  Play on their home turf and they will find reasons to have to leave. Read to many reports of Zona chicas slipping out.  
    • Triflow69
      Irwin, sorry I am late to your thread but don't worry so much about getting robbed, the danger level of Policia (or the "rateros") is very much exaggerated on these forums.  I would wager 10,000 pesos that no Policia will even glance at you. There is usually 1 or sometimes 2 Policia cars on the alley where the SG's are. Just walk right past them they are not going to bother you. Advice for carrying your money, credit cards, etc:  put them in your pockets. Advice for hotel: forget about Ticuan or Hotel Ceasers and stay at Hotel Cascadas or Rizo. Right in the middle of the action and there is nothing dangerous about staying there.  If you do decide to stay at Ticuan or Ceasers there is no need to Uber, just walk down Revolution, take a left at the Arch, look for the huge red building that says "Cascadas" and walk towards it. It is about a 13-15 min walk from Ticuan and you'll get to see TJ during the walk. There is no reason to not use an ATM in TJ, that's how you get the best exchange rate.  The HSBC ATM in Soriana grocery store on Revo & 2nd is very convenient. So is the HSBC ATM at Calimax grocery store on Constitution and 2nd.  You could use the ATMs in the ZN but they charge a ripoff fee of 109 pesos and there's a 5000 peso limit I believe.  If you do stay at Ticuan there's an ATM at Sanborns Dept store 1/2 block from the hotel and it only charges a 17.5 peso fee.  There is no reason to be back to your hotel by dark. The bars are 20x better after 8pm. Daytime sucks, in my opinion and HK is the only bar to even consider going to in the daytime, all others are dead. You aren't going to get robbed just because it is night time. Bar advice: don't go to Adelita's, it seriously sucks bad and has for the last 5 years.  Meet up with a fellow monger in HK who can help steer you away from the sharky pros in HK who have worked there for many years. Good luck!!  You'll be fine.  You may like the putas so much you might move to San Diego so you can be in the ZN 2-4 times a week like me   
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