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    • Mas mas mas
      aqua rio https://www.hotelaquario.com/

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    • The Zona Norte, Aug 1st update
      There's been false information floating around about what's really happening in the Zona and I want to take this oppwhoretunity to set things straight.
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    • A Trip to the "Dentist" 07/21/20
      Decided to go get my teeth whitened for the first time in Tijuana at Dental Brush.  I get most of my dental work done in the States, but teeth whitening is pretty expensive.  I got a quote from these guys for $120 for a cleaning and zoom session.  Definitely impressed with the results, my teeth are whiter than they have ever been, and would definitely recommend these folks for teeth whitening.

      My appointment was at 2pm, so my buddy and I left LA right around 10am, parked at the Beyer Blvd trolley and took the trolley down. Crossing over was a breeze and we made our way to Caesers to have lunch, and because I won't be able to eat much food after the teeth whitening. 

      I had to rush through my meal to make it to my appointment and my buddy sort of just hung out at Caesers drinking, waiting for me.  My zoom session had taken a lot longer than I had hoped for, and it was extremely painful to say the least. 

      I arrived to Cascadas maybe around 5pm and got a master suite with no reservation with my VIP card, total was $33 for the room + $50 deposit. 
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    • Otra Vez

      classic example of YMMV...took her panties off in the bar in front of my amigos...let me finger the pussy...wasn't pushy for fichas...didn't clock watch in the room...


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    • The Current State Of Zona Makeshift Bars
      My first and only  foray into the new speakeasy type bar scene in Zona Norte occurred a few weeks ago as a CC barker led us into there hotel with the promise of cold beer. Im certainly  missing the days of TJ bars so I gave it a shot. It was kind of an awkward experience as we were led down a hallway lined with woman with all eyes watching us. And then ended up in a small hotel room where we were served beer , with an occasional chica popping in to see if we wanted company. Far from the bar scene i so enjoyed pre covid 19.

      With new reports of the makeshift bar scene evolving daily and my amigo the elusive Richard Parker ( his friends call him Dick ) in town .  We donned our haz mat suits and set out to explore the NEW zona Norte bar scene. 

      First stop was La Gloria. Located upstairs in Hotel Garcia. They had 2 rooms set up the first one was filled to capacity with nowhere to sit , so we were led to the next room. It was like a mini LaGloria a bunch of locals , music and even a little dancing .But as far as woman it was the LaGloria D team and thats not pretty.

      Next stop was La Malqueridas answer to the current state of things . I think we agreeded this was the worst option. Mainly because you have to walk up a shitload of stairs to get to it, and they ripped us off on the beers. The room was decent , but not a girl in sight. But once you are seated they pop out of nowhere to see if you will buy them a ficha and then they disapear again.

      We wanted to try LaCaretta's set up but with no doorman  to invite us in we had to pass. After a walk around checking out the SG scene , not bad for a Sunday we were ushered into Adelita's hotel. More beer a better selection of women and even an occasional pole dancer . So far the closest thing to those bars we have been missing. But after a few beers and we even bought some fichas  we were ready to head back to La Caretta's set up. ( i think at this point the beers are having an effect on my memory)

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    • ChicagoBob's Zona Bombing Run Report
      I started my afternoon at Balance with a great massage by Lisa.  Yes, they are open!  

      Then it was onto CC for some real fun.  I met the Squirt Queen of Tijuana!   Valkiry from Veracruz!    The whole thing started when I went to ficha her and her sexy friend.  We all got in real trouble with the CC manager almost immediately.   The mesero hooked us up with a private room with A/C just off the hallway and we started drinking.   

      Valkiry and her friend started getting frisky.  They slid down my pants and the other girl (I forgot her name) started sucking my dick bareback while Valkiry was humping my face!   We were all about half naked when the mesero popped in and saw everything!  He immediately got the manager.  I quickly pulled up my pants, but my shirt was still unbuttoned when the manager walked in.  He was pissed!   They two girls started talking to him in Spanish.  I have no idea what was said, but Valkiry told me to buy 2 buckets of fiches and everything would be cool.  You gotta love Mexico!  

      Anyway, $90 later the manager and mesero left the room and didn't come back.  By then, I blew over $100 and didn't have enough money to party with both girls so Valkiry and I got a room for a 1 hour arriba.   This girl is pure fun!   BBBJ, mutual rimming, DFK, spanking, choking, and holy shit - what a squirter!   She kept calling me "Papi" the whole time while riding my face.   This girl gets down & dirty!  

      I'll have to revise to post pics since my tablet is acting up.  Looks like maybe BT tomorrow... 
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    • Friday for the win
      Hello guys, I’m new to this forum however but not new to work of mongering in TJ. This Friday 7-10-2020 I made my way down to Tijuana with 3 other friends. We parked our car at the lot behind jack in the box which was $12 for 8 hours due to it being the weekend. We walked across and there was no Mexican immigration checking U.S citizens paperwork, we walked right through without being stopped so that was great. We bought a pack of generic viagra at 10 pills for $20 considering we’d be drinking and wanted to avoid whiskey Dick while smashing these girls all night. Eventually we get a taxi for $5 to HK and once we arrive we book a double bed room which was $80 with the VIP card and a $30 deposit. Room was nice and the A/C was running full blast thank god. In every club or speakeasy I should say it’s pretty stuffy except for the HK one because they gave the A/C running throughout their setup. We settled in and then we’re taken up to the 7th floor we’re everything is happening. Quick Pat down and once they opened the door it was overwhelming in a good way with how many girls there was just looking
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    • 4th of July Pussypalooza
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    • Kimberly de Sinaloa
      Whew... I completely forgot about this lady. Was going through some old saved pictures of hoes I banged when I first started and found these of Kimberly.  I met her back in late 2016 in AB. She stood over by the DJ room and threw me a seductive glance when I first laid eyes on her. Extremely friendly lady, mid 30s but really tight body. Pussy was great and ass was humongous and quite sexy looking.  Tits were enhanced as well. Beautiful body overall.  She stands out to me because she delivered great sessions over the 6 months that I knew her. The first time she had me fuck her in front of a bathroom mirror in Hotel Coahuila and at the end she let me bust my baby gravy all over her stomach! FUN TIMES!  Here I am with a hard on reminiscing about a MILF lol.  In early 2017 she began to work at La Cueva del Peludo, never told me why she did. I had fun times with her there too.  She was my first BBBJ in TJ too! I remember one time as I waited for her to come out of the dressing room at La Cueva, some Mexican dude approached me asking if I wanted perico! Lol I'll be honest... that scared me, but then Kimberly arrived and shooed him away. In total, I believe I banged her about 6 times during the time I knew her. Then she basically dropped off the face of the Earth. It didn't help that I lost her number. 

      Here are some pics. She did not have any tattoos. She went by different name in La Cueva but can't recall what it is right now.

      Any of you guys know her? Would appreciate any info on her. Thanks!!!
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    • The Zona in Late June
      Where do I begin? I checked into Ticuan last night at around 7pm to drop my stuff off, I then ran over to the Zona. I had no reservations at any Zona hotel but I assumed I didn't need one considering the lack of occupancy. I hopped in an Uber and headed out.


      I walked into Cascadas and there were some people in line paying for their rooms. I immediately noticed HK's chica setup in the lobby area. There is a large room next to the lobby where the chicas are at. I walked in for a second and the first thing I noticed was how bright the room was, a little too bright. All eyes were on me from desperate looking chicas. Even though there were many chicas and they were looking good, I found their presentation to be uncomfortable and not conducive to having a good time. Before I even got a room a walked over to Rizo.


      In Rizo rooms were available obviously so I got one. Lot's of renovations were completed since I last came and it was looking nice, very nice actually. After taking a shower I walked up to a new wing of the hotel where the chicas are housed, this is where it get crazy. In this new wing is a long hallway of large rooms, many of which are adjoining. There was about 4 rooms packed with chicas sitting down and having a good time drinking. Music was on and the lights were dim like BT. There was a bar in one room for the maseros and they even had a dressing room for the chicas. There were patrons ficha fucking chicas, maseros running about and Chato greeting everyone....honestly it was awesome! This is the closest thing to a bordello I've ever seen in my life, straight out of a novel or something.


      I spoke with Chato and he told me he is keeping this speakeasy on the low. Apparently not everyone is welcome according to him, mostly only hotel patrons and BT regulars....or Americans with money. He brought me a new chica promising she would give me a good time and she delivered. I don't know if it's because the chicas are desperate but it was full on GFE with lot's of snuggle action. I bought her a ficha then decided to arriba her. As we were walking to my room the masero was asking me how long, how many beers blah blah blah. I said only half an hour gracias. So let it be known guys, because of the current state of events, you may be required to buy a certain amount of fichas if going upstairs for more than an hour, but for half an hour YOU DON'T NEED to buy any additional fichas. And it's a good a idea to buy some fichas for a chica you like before taking her arriba, just out of respect for the staff.


      I'll be here for the weekend so more info is coming. Alright amigos, take care.


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