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    • Staycation in Tijuana
      Sounds crazy but being holed up in my place in Playas for 8 months or so except grocery store and mail runs has given me cabin fever.   Figured it was time to just have a new environment and I picked downtown.    I have been on a Keto diet and working out pretty hard for about 2 months.  Every two weeks I get a day where I eat a meal that is not keto friendly.  Since I was at the two month mark and have not been drinking craft beer(usually an occasional Ultra) or eating carbs, figured it was a nice 24 hours to eat what I want but nothing too unhealthy.

      I decided to stay at the Nook Hotel on 6th.  Prior to the Chinese Bat Virus, it was my favorite street in TJ.   I am uneasy about going into any indoor spaces, especially small ones and dont really feel like wearing a mask so my options are limited.

      Checked into the Nook hotel as check in is at 3 and

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    • The Zona, October 17
      Things have been kind of crazy in the Zona in the past couple of weeks.
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    • Short Trip Report - Update on HK and AB
      This is just a short update on the environment @ HK and AB since the latest reopening.  Stopped by for a few hours last night just to checkout the scene.  Didn't stay long and didn't visit the speakeasies after the main bar closed.

      First stop was HK around 7 until 8.  Got my free drink (HK website BOGO drink coupon) at the front desk after checking in.  Standard pat down and temp check, hand sanitizer outside.  After walking in, saw Aldo and had him find me a table.   Tables were spaced out a bit more but any 'social distancing' was minimal at best.  I'd say if you had been in a cave the past 7 months and knew nothing about the pandemic, you'd think everything was normal in HK for a Thursday night outside of the meseros wearing masks.   No chikas that I noticed were wearing masks. Few customers were wearing masks.  Same old grinding and making out happening at various tables.  I took a video of the new area as well.  Apologies for the shakiness as the phone was in my back pocket.  Overall the ratio of chikas/hombres was pretty good IMO and seemed to be quite a few new chikas.  Stuck around people watching for a couple hours and made my way over to AB.



      AB was way less crowded (as usual compared to HK) and the talent was definitely subpar compared to HK. Talked to Javier(mesero) for a bit and I was gonna smoke my cigar but Javier told me management said no smoking/vaping of any sort inside the club.  I told him HK was letting people smoke (or at least not stopping people from smoking) and he was surprised.  I talked with a few chikas but nothing caught my eye.   I'm sure I'll be back again soon but really just doing a scouting trip for future planning purposes.  Have fun and stay safe amigos.
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    • Swimming in Covid Soup
      I finally forced myself to schedule a weekend away. I'd planned a weekend in Tecate pre-Panic but everybody went into lockdown mode and that weekend got missed. So I went onto hotels.com and searched around Tecate.

      Pet peeve - hotels.com lists places like my ATF, Santuario Digueno, as being available. When you click you see a message that the hotel is closed until further notice. Grrrr.  Then, to add insult to injury, one has to call the hotel and find out if their shit, like pool, restaurant, etc., are actually open and available. Some were, others had ridiculous restrictions. I selected the Kumiai Inn, as they were open, rooms were available, I could redeem points, their restaurants were open, and their pool restrictions weren't too awfully bad. What's not to like?

      The day came, of course there were nothing but work-related delays on my end, I was late, yada, yada, yada. I wanted to get to the hotel early in order to get onto their pool list because, rules, you know? Their pool was open for three-hour stretches, starting at 9am. Then they had to close for an hour for cleaning. Then open at 1pm until 4, close for an hour for cleaning, then the home stretch of 5 to 8 or 9, depending on how quickly folks could get shoo-ed out of the pool. Each session was limited to 10 people. You had to sign up, in person, for your session. I think you could only sign up for the current day, i.e. you couldn't book your Saturday, and your Sunday at the same time. So, I'd hoped to arrive around noon, in order to book the 1pm session. But that was not to be. As things turned out, apparently Mexicans have a difficult time counting to 10.

      We arrived right at 3pm, check in time. We went to sign up, saw that there was no point in trying for the 1pm - 4pm session, and booked the 5pm session. We then went upstairs and unpacked. Now what's weird is that I took pix of the room, because I had forgotten on the last trip. But they
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    • Once upon a time in Mexico
      Building Expectations

      After being with my primary chica for over 2 years, I've never given her a name. Going to call her Daniella going forward.


      The great thing about Daniella is even though she is a "civie", she loves sex. I mean loves sex. I offered to take her out, go to the beach, whatever she wanted to do. She said no to all of those things and suggested we just go to the hotel. Can't complain about that.


      We talked about getting drunk and getting crazy together. She wanted to make what she called a Cuba. Her version has Johnny Walker Red Label, Manzanita Apple Soda, mineral water and ice. I told her I'd get all the ingredients but asked her to get the ice so we can have more time together. I thought I was being clever by ordering all the stuff from Walmart and having them do the take out to my car. I also had gotten her some cereal and other stuff which is more expensive in Tijuana. After taking forever, far longer than for me to shop myself, the Walmart guys came out
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    • Am I getting played?
      Here's the timeline, all within the span of 2 weeks:

      1) Saw "Samantha" through an escort site, we had amazing nonverbal chemistry as well as verbal chemistry (even though she can't speak English and my Spanish is awful). Got her number.

      2) Contacted her a few days later saying I wanted to see her again, we flirt a bit and then she starts with the "mi amor"s. 

      3) Scheduled to take her out to dinner for the night before I was leaving TJ, she ends up flaking in the morning and we reschedule for the next day - morning of when I was leaving (flight wasn't until 6PM). 

      At this point, I was under the assumption I would be "paying for her time"...

      4) She arrives, we mess around in bed, go get a fancy lunch and have a great time. I let her order whatever she wanted, but she doesn't go sugar baby on me, just orders a few margaritas. 

      5) We mess around some more, a lot of GFE talk and cuddling. 

      6) She has to bounce, so we say our goodbyes. She wasn't asking for money, and she already called an Uber which was 5 min away. So I ask her "Querías que te pagara?" to which she replies 
      "Que me pagarás que?" which I'm still not clear exactly what that means from Google Translate. I repeat the question and she shakes her head so I give her a $20 for the Uber and dinner.

      At this point, she starts to get cray...
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    • Blanca @Sweetsgirlstj
      I like to give as many details as I can remember in my reviews since I have been lurking here for years and i have learned alot from the contributors here over the years and I want to be able to help the next guy so if you don't care skip down to the LASER. I have tried Musas (Bambi) and wanted to try one of the other agencies. When I saw the pictures of Blanca's tits I knew she was next.
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    • Onyx from Ensenada
      A big girl, plenty of implants (and she wants more). Speaks English with a pocha accent.

      In the room, I put 1500 pesos on the table, and she grabbed it. Gave me a covered BJ, and proceeded then to ride me. I didn't finish, mostly because of time constraints. 

      She was not shy at all.

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    • Border wait times
      Does any one know what time is best after 11am on a weekday to drive back across?  I assume at around 10pm it'll be a quick drive across but I prefer an earlier time.  I would hope 30min or less for sure not an hour or more.
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    • Awesome Ninna, Telegram sensation...
      Ninna is an artist, in more ways than one, highly intelligent, and speaks awesome english... with what sounds like a french accent... to me.  Her services are an anomaly - she is GFE in spirit, very cooperative and friendly, kisses, but no BBBJ.   At least, that was the case 2 weeks ago.  She is 19.  She gave permission to share these photos, including her beautiful face. 

      She can be found in the Tijuana Telegram groups, Sexy Club 664, Tijuana 664 Apoyo, Escort Gordibuenas....  

      (This, and other posts like it, are primarily for the sake of reviewing great providers in Tijuana, but also a way to make good use of a growing portfolio of professional boudoir photoshoots I have conducted during my stay here.  The models gave permission for use, or their photos would not be here. Many would prefer I not share.  Referrals for new photo shoots are appreciated.  The first shoot is always free.  Bon Appetite.)

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    • Reuben
      Welcome aboard! Tijuana mongering is a bit different that you'll find in SEA but you're in the right place to get the lowdown on how it works here.  Post your dates in TJ Fiestas and usually you'll find at least an Amigo or two to meet up with. https://www.tijuanatalk.net/forum/95-tj-fiestas-trip-amigos/  
    • Dulla
      You know you are in ketosis if you passed the lethargy phase, (keto flu) It is a really heavy lethargy with brain fog, loss of energy, unable to move with ease, laying somewhere like you are fainting. Usually lasts a day or two initially for me.  Also there are other signs past this point, you will notice you are unusually energetic, you don't get hungry as often, sleep long and deep like babies, experience vivid pleasant dreams, suddenly your cloths become too big for you, feel happier, even dark winter days seem brighter, less #2 bathroom trips,  however you also notice you are not as powerful if you are used to heavy lifting before, this is initially and if you keep at it comes back in time. If you do blood work test after say 3 Months you will also see significant changes. if you had high A1C results before you notice it went down a chunk, your cholesterol may go higher, you may also notice your testosterone hikes up.
    • Don Pisto
      Welcome aboard! Enjoy and share when you are able! VIVA TTALK!
    • cream_py
      Hello! I’m 28 year old guy from San Francisco and November will be my first time in TJ. I will be going solo and would love to find a drinking buddy to show me the ropes. I’ve been to places such as Pattaya in Thailand before so not new to the scene.   Feel free to PM me if you’ll be around!
    • Gringo Sin Ropa
      As far as carbs, I do avoid eating a lot of carbs especially simple carbs. Eliminatring all products with white flour as an ingredient takes a lot of these carbs out of my diet. I also avoid bread and if I do eat any bread it will be wheat, never white.  I used to be much more into heavy weight lifting and was much bigger and back then I needed carbs or I couldn't power through the workouts so I would eat a lot of sweet potatoes, yams and to a certain extent white rice. Now that I am focused on just being healthy and lean I don't need too many carbs in my diet. 
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