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  • The Long Version

    Tijuana Talk’s Purpose

    The primary purpose of this board is to bring together a group of individuals to discuss common interests concerning entertainment that takes place in Tijuana, Mexico and other parts of the world beyond the borders of the United States. .

    • We are here to have fun and to share information about common interests.

    • Please keep posts positive and polite.

    • At all times please respect the other members. Follow the “Golden rule”- treat others the way you would like to be treated.

    This site is not a place for negativity about Tijuana, Mexico, Mexicans, staff, other board members, posts by other board members, or tijuanatalk.net. If you cannot be positive in these areas then please keep your negativity to yourself—and off the board.

    This board is a community of reasonably like-minded members who enjoy entertainment diversity about Tijuana, and this site. Staff spends a lot of volunteer time keeping the board in order for all to enjoy. The board has a certain "harmony" and the members mostly post within the "boundaries" of this "harmony." This board lacks the time, patience, and desire to deal with those who cannot or will not "fit-in." If you are a "pain in the ass" for other members and/or staff this board is not for you.

    Membership Requirements

    You must be over 18 years old to access tijuanatalk.net.

    You may not access tijuanatalk.net where prohibited by local law.


    Tijuana Talk reserves the right to refuse service and/or revoke membership at any time for any reason, with or without cause. Tijuana Talk also reserves the right to edit and/or delete any post at any time for any reason with or without cause. Tijuana Talk also reserves the right to modify its site rules and/or membership agreement at any time with or without prior notice. For the full text of your membership agreement with tijuanatalk.net, please see the registration page.

    Promotion of Illegal Activities

    There is to be absolutely no promotion of blatantly illegal activities on this board.

    Some examples of things not to discuss (even in jest) are:

    • How to find providers in the United States.
    • How to find underage providers anywhere in the world.
    • How to find illegal drugs.
    • How to smuggle contraband across the border.
    • How to get away with driving drunk.

    Forbidden Topics

    Do not discuss (even in jest) pedophilia, rape, incest, bestiality, and/or blatantly criminal activities (homicide, robbery, smuggling, prostitution in the US, sale of illegal drugs, etc.) on tijuanatalk.net.

    Do not post anything (even in jest) that might be construed as showing an interest in, or advocacy of, pedophilia. Do not post pictures of minors in any kind of sexual context, not even as a joke. Also, as stated above, do not discuss rape, incest, bestiality, and/or blatantly criminal activities (homicide, robbery, smuggling, US prostitution, sale of illegal drugs, etc.) even in jest.


    Do not “out” other board members, the Tijuana Talk website, or the contents of tijuanatalk.net.

    Members have a right to preserve their anonymity. In like manner, Tijuanatalk.net does not want to become known to providers and/or the Zona Norte industry, though we are aware that it is known by some providers and staff workers in Tijuana. Regardless, do NOT say, do, or post anything that could “out” another board members, the Tijuana Talk website, or the contents of tijuanatalk.net. When speaking with providers, please remember, “Tijuana Talk doesn’t exist.”

    • Do not disclose any information that might identify a member’s true identity, including, but not limited to, a member’s name, address, phone number, picture, occupation, physical description, place of residency, place of employment, etc.
    • Do not tell service providers about this site.
    • Do not repeat anything you have read here to the service providers.  THIS IS A LOSER MOVE :loser_point: and does nothing to improve your standing in the service providers eyes.
    • Do not print out reports or pictures and take them to TJ.
    • Do not show the website to a service providers or staff member of any hobby-related business.
    • Do not call other board members by their board handles in TJ unless they say it is okay.

    News in the Public Domain

    You may discuss news in the public domain, including news in the public domain related to illegal activities, otherwise forbidden topics, and other members. However, please be sure your post does not advocate engaging in blatantly criminal activities and/or provide assistance on how to break the law.

    News in the public domain is something that has appeared in newsprint, on radio, and/or on television. It is not gossip. Nor is it something that can be found only somewhere on the Internet. (Everything can be found somewhere on the Internet, in a library, and/or in public records, but that does not make it news in the public domain.) For an event to be deemed news in the public domain that can be discussed on tijuanatalk.net, it must be something that has received significant coverage by the traditional news media. When discussing news in the public domain, please be sure your post does not advocate engaging in blatantly criminal activities and/or provide assistance on how to break the law.

    Flaming, Trolling, and Threats

    Flaming, name-calling, trolling, threats, etc. are not allowed on tijuanatalk.net. If it is your intention to upset someone, no matter how carefully you word it, then it is not allowed.

    • You may not make personal attacks or insults on other members or staff either in public forums or private messages.

    • Threats of violence to people and/or property are NEVER allowed and will not be tolerated.

    Flaming (ugly fighting/mean spirited arguing) defined: Flaming is a hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users. Flaming usually occurs in the social context of a discussion board. An user generates a flame response to other posts or users posting on a site when such a response is not constructive, does not clarify a discussion, and does not persuade others. Sometimes, flamers attempt to assert their authority, or establish a position of superiority over other users. Other times, a flamer is simply an individual who believes he or she carries the only valid opinion. This leads him or her to personally attack those who disagree. In some cases, flamers wish to upset and offend other members of the forum, in which case they can be called "trolls".

    Trolling defined: Trolling is slang for posts that are controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant, or off-topic made with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion. Do not troll.

    Threats defined: Communicated intent to inflict harm or damage to a person or property or to force someone’s compliance and/or to restrict his freedom.

    Name calling and ad hominem arguments defined: An ad hominem argument (Latin: “argument against the man”) consists of replying to an argument or factual claim by attacking the person making the argument, rather than by addressing the substance of the argument. If somebody says Milton was the greatest poet who ever lived how does calling the speaker an “illiterate hillbilly” prove Shakespeare was the greater poet?

    Racist, Chauvinistic, and Bigoted Remarks

    Do not make racist, chauvinistic, or bigoted remarks when posting on tijuanatalk.net.

    There will be no racial, ethnic, gender based insults or any other personal discrimination allowed on tijuanatalk.net. Comments which criticize specific groups of people such as all Mexicans are… all bar girls are… all Asians are..., etc. will not be allowed.


    1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior or inferior to others.

    2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.


    1. Militant opposition to and fanatical denigration of a country, religion, race, group, kind, or political viewpoint.

    2. Militant devotion to and fanatical glorification of a country, religion, race, group, kind, or political viewpoint.

    3. Prejudiced belief in the superiority or inferiority of a country, religion, race, group, kind, or political viewpoint.


    One who is strongly partial to one's own country, religion, race, group, kind, or political viewpoint and is intolerant of those who differ.

    Respecting Others

    Treat and address your fellow Tijuana Talk members with respect.

    The board has rules against flaming, name-calling, trolling, racism, etc. It has also has a rule about being respectful when addressing staff and board members.

    Years ago the US Supreme court decided it could not define pornography, but knew it when it saw it. Perhaps the same applies to respect and disrespect. Hopefully, the following will help to better understand this hard-to-define concept.

    The Purpose For Posting. Tijuana Talk is not a debating society. The purpose of the board is to post information about the hobby, Tijuana and Mexico. There is a problem when a significant percentage of a member’s posts are made for the purpose of nit-picking what others say, rather than contributing new ideas and information. The majority of a member’s posts should contain useful information instead of expressing disagreement with what others post.

    Misquotes. Board members can be misquoted by either altering the exact words attributed to them or by misrepresenting their viewpoint. Both are intellectually dishonest and are not allowed on tijuanatalk.net.

    Oppose Ideas Not Posters. One purpose of the board is to discuss ideas, albeit sometimes controversial ideas. There is a fine line between discussing ideas and the poster of those ideas. Please focus your posts on why you disagree with the ideas being expressed instead of expressing your dislike of the poster of those ideas.

    Deleting Posts. We do not allow members to delete posts. If the moderators feel a post is inappropriate and in violation of the board rules, the moderators may, at their discretion, edit or remove the post.

    Pushing Buttons. Some members are very obvious in the manner in which they bait others. Some are subtle. Some use humor. But regardless of owever it is done or disguised, trolling, baiting, etc. is against board rules.

    Passive-aggressive behavior. This concerns those posters who have been warned about flaming, name-calling, feuding, trolling, etc., but who continue to take shots at other members indirectly, whether through statements in veiled references to other members, or whatever. Such attempts to circumvent board rules and guidelines will be treated like any other violation of the rules and are grounds for sanctions against that member.

    Feuding. Tijuana Talk is not a battleground. Do not fight here. It is fine to debate issues, but do so in a respectful manner.

    Response to Flames, Outings, etc.

    If someone flames you, “outs you,” et cetera:

    (1) Please do not respond, and (2) please notify the moderators.

    If someone posts offensive comments, or personal information about you, then you may request the moderators remove the offending posts so long as you have not replied in kind to the posts. If you reply first with insults, flaming, etc., then ask that we delete/edit/move the posts, we may deny your request.


    You may post pictures of adult service providers that conform to tijuanatalk.net rules. Do not post pictures taken from other sites without permission.  Do not post pictures in violation of copyright law.  Do not post pictures in violation of other applicable laws. Do not copy pictures from tijuanatalk.net and post them elsewhere without permission.

    Do NOT post negative comments about pictures posted on this site. Violators will have their post removed and be barred from viewing the photo forums.

    Access to photo forums is limited to members who are TT Contributors. Qualifying photos generally means good quality photos of TJ chicas, taken by you, that include facial shots and are easily verifiable / identifiable as being original. Some pertinent information regarding the photos is encouraged as it helps with verification. “One-liner” messages are not qualifying posts.


    • Pictures of fully and partially nude women are allowed !
    • Do not post pictures taken from other sites unless the photo owner has given permission.
    • Do not post copyright protected pictures without permission. 
    • Do not post pictures in violation of applicable law.
    • Do not copy pictures from tijuanatalk.net and post them elsewhere unless the photo owner has given permission. 
    • Do not post disgusting pictures (such as herpes pictures, menstruation pictures, etc.).
    • Do not post pictures of minors in any kind of sexual context, not even as a joke.
    • Do not post pictures of possible or active members of Tijuana Talk. (Please see the “no outing” rule.)
    • Access to the photo forums is intended to encourage members to contribute messages and original pictures to the board. "One-liner" messages, photos copied from other sites, etc. do not count in the number of qualifying posts required to gain access to the photo forums. Furthermore, staff reserves the right to delete non-qualifying messages and pictures that do not contribute anything of real value to the site.
    • All members are requested to notify staff of any pictures that appears to violate board policy or applicable law. Pictures that staff considers violating board policy and/or applicable law will be deleted.
    • Any photos posted are permanent as posts are not deleted. As such, do not post any photos that you think that you may want to delete in the future as you will not be able to do so.

    Do NOT post negative comments about pictures located in the photo forums. Violators will have their post removed and be barred from the photo forums on this site.

    Negative comments only serve the purpose of stopping member photographers from posting and sharing pictures. There will be a zero tolerance for negative comments. If you feel the urge to make a negative statement, stop, think and move on. Violators will have their post removed and be barred from the photo forums on the site.

    Tijuana Talk would like to thank all the members who make the effort to share their photos with their fellow members. Some members do not realize how difficult it is to carry a photo device, get a willing model, take the photo, and then upload the photo to the site. The sharing of your photos are very much appreciated.

    We know this is very strongly worded, but we are very passionate about this issue. The site probably has less than 15 members that regularly post photos and we want to protect them.

    Other Websites

    You may not mention other TJ websites that are related to Tijuana Talk subject matter. So please do not link to pay sites or other sites with TJ related discussion board/forums. Promoting/Linking/Naming other TJ discussion board related websites is not allowed.

    We don't have a problem if you are linking to a product you’re discussing from Amazon.com or linking a news article, et cetera, but please do not link to pay for access sites, pay porn sites, etc. If we suspect any URL to be spam, it will be removed.

    Spam, Business and Personal information

    Do not post or link to spam. Do not conduct business on tijuanatalk.net. Do not post your personal contact information like e-mail, personal or business phone number(s) or other contact information. Do not try to put up any information, which is used to try to circumvent our Private Message System.

    Do not spam the board. Do not use tijuanatalk.net to recruit staff, partners, investors, customers, etc. In addition, do not use the site in an attempt to get free advertising for a business you are running in Tijuana, other parts in Mexico, or the US.

    If you're a board member with over 100 posts trying to sell your couch, staff does not have a problem with that, but if you are a couch salesman, this is not an appropriate place to solicit customers.

    If you want to advertise on TT, contact a site administrator for consideration of your proposed activity.

    Public Service Posts and Personal Advice

    Tijuanatalk.net permits members to post public service messages relevant to visiting, living, and mongering in TJ and to offer personal advice. Tijuanatalk.net is not a sponsor of activities organized by its members and assumes no liability for the posts, activities, opinions, and advice of its members.

    Members are allowed to post their opinions and advice including, but not limited to, medical, legal, and other professional advice. In making such posts tijuanatalk.net prefers that members say "I would" rather than "you should." Either way, tijuanatalk.net is not responsible for and assumes no liability for such advice.

    Public service messages are typically made to arrange car pools to Tijuana, locate "trip buddies," publicize fiestas members are hosting, etc. In most cases, public service messages should be about information or activities of interest to those who monger in Baja California. (Discussing prostitution within the Unites States in not permitted on tijuanatalk.net.)

    However fantastic your business or noble your cause, please do not attempt to promote your business/cause/etc. by trying to disguise a promotional post as a public service message. Such messages will be deleted and posters treated as spammers.

    Username and Multiple Usernames

    Usernames should not be offensive. In addition you may not use a username that duplicates an existing members username or might lead other members to confuse you with an existing member. No “dot com” is permitted in a username. 

    You may have multiple usernames, but not multiple board personas. Using multiple usernames in the same thread is not allowed.

    You may use additional usernames for the purpose of anonymity when posting trip reports, chica reports, etc. But not for talking to yourself or supporting your other usernames in debates.


    Nudity in avatars is allowed and animation is also allowed. However, any avatars deemed obscene or offensive will be removed.

    Make them fun. Or be creative. But do not make avatars obscene, offensive, vulgar, or an eyesore.

    All Caps and Punctuation

    On the Internet the use of all caps is the equivalent of shouting. Please do not post in ALL CAPS on tijuanatalk.net. Please try to make your posts legible by using Standard English and standard punctuation.

    Please use standard English and standard punctuation on tijuanatalk.net, similar to how it is found in most newspapers. Do not post in all caps, without caps, with excessive abbreviations, upsized fonts, etc. Please try to make your posts legible.

    Off Topic Posts

    Please make your posts in the appropriate forum and thread. Posts should be made with the goal of contributing something of value to the topic being discussed. Do not start topics that require responses that should use the private messaging system when you are not a TT Contributor.

    Humor is fine and a great addition to posts. However, general chit chat, private jokes, off topic posts, etc. that do not contribute to the topic of discussion will be deleted or moved to an appropriate forum or thread.

    Please use PMs for personal conversations.

    Examples of off topic posts:

    Suppose the board has a post entitled What Motivates a Street Girl. A post that says, "Yesterday Maria was wearing a blue blouse," is off topic and may well be deleted.

    A post about street girls’ hometowns might be interesting, but belongs in a different thread. The moderators might move it or delete it.

    A post in a thread about street girls such as, “Next time you see Maria take me with you,” is off topic. (It should be sent to the poster in private message.) The moderators might delete such personal messages.

    A thread about the Chargers moving to LA does not belong in the TJ Discussion forum. The moderators might move it or delete it.

    Post such as Geez, Wow, Amazing, etc. are off topic. Especially when such one-liners are made by newbies trying to up their post count in order to gain access to the photo albums. Such posts are frequently deleted by staff.

    Start new threads as needed. But please do not start a new thread when there is an existing thread about the same topic. In such cases the moderators might merge or delete the duplicate thread.

    Once again: please make your posts in the appropriate forum and thread. And keep them on topic.

    Font Colors

    Use of this blue font color is reserved for use by moderators.

    Members should use the default black font color when posting and avoid excessive use of other colors in their posts.

    Sometimes the moderators have to edit posts, close threads, get threads back on topic, put out flame wars, etc. If we do so, we usually leave a comment in blue.

    As stated above, members should use the default black font color when posting. It is OK to use a little bit a color (except the reserved blue font color) in posts, but the majority of the post should be made using the default black font color.

    Deleting Accounts and Posts

    We do not delete accounts. Nor do we delete posts or photos by request. Do not post anything anywhere on Tijuana Talk that you are not willing to leave behind if you should lose access to all or part of the site.

    If you should leave our community in the future, we do not delete accounts and are under no obligation to remove posts from tijuanatalk.net. We will be happy to remove any identifying characteristics, such as your signature and profile information and will even change your username, but that is all.

    Tijuanatalk.net reserves the right to refuse service or to revoke membership at any time for any reason with or without just cause. Tijuanatalk.net also reserves the right to use, delete, and/or edit any post at any time for any reason with or without just cause.

    Rule Violations

    Tijuanatalk.net reserves the right to warn, sanction, or ban any member who violates our rules or disrupts our community. We strive to be fair and when appropriate to provide a warning before taking disciplinary action.

    We try to be patient with those who unintentionally break the rules and educate them about what is expected of board members. However, those who intentionally break the rules, try to disrupt the board, etc. should not expect patience, warnings, etc. in response to their actions.

    Finally, some rule violations are so serious that staff has no choice but to immediately impose bans or sanctions. A good example is when somebody tries to use the board to find underage providers or when somebody divulges to a chica the pictures and/or posts board members have made.

    Site Moderation

    The moderators are here to interpret and enforce the rules as fairly as they can; in the end, their decision is final. Posting forum messages to question administrative decisions, such as post removals and topic closures, is not permitted.

    If you have a problem with administrative actions, you may make a complaint to staff directly using the PM system or the Contact Us button located at the bottom of every page, but not publicly on the website. Posts or topics that violate this rule will be removed

    Remember, the site moderators volunteer their time. They’re here to help ensure that a few bad apples do not destroy the fun for the other 99% of our members.

    Warnings or bannings are usually kept confidential to the member concerned and the moderators. However, if you decide to “go public” tijuanatalk.net reserves the right to respond in kind. If you “go public” and distort or omit relevant facts do not be surprised if tijuanatalk.net decides to tell “the other half of the story.”

    In writing rules to govern this site, it is impossible to anticipate every possible situation. When the moderators encounter “uncharted waters”, they are responsible for doing whatever their best judgment indicates is in the best interest of the board.

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