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The primary purpose of this board is to discuss things about the City of Tijuana:

a. We are here to have fun and to share information about the City of Tijuana.

b. Please keep posts positive and polite.

c. At all times, please respect the other members. Follow the Golden Rule - treat others the way you would like to be treated.

d. Have a question ? You can send an email to: tijuanatalk@yahoo.com

The Quickie Version

Tijuana Talk’s Purpose. The primary purpose of this board is to bring together a group of individuals to discuss common interests in Tijuana, Mexico and other parts of the world beyond the borders of the United States.

Membership Requirements. You must be over 18 years old to access tijuanatalk.net. You may not access tijuanatalk.net where prohibited by local law.

Promotion of Illegal Activities. There is to be absolutely no promotion of blatantly illegal activities on this board.

Forbidden Topics. Do not discuss (even in jest) pedophilia, rape, incest, bestiality, and/or blatantly criminal activities (homicide, robbery, smuggling, sale of illegal drugs, etc.) on tijuanatalk.net.

Outings. Do not “out” other board members online or in person, the Tijuana Talk website, or the contents of tijuanatalk.net to non-members or providers.

News in the Public Domain. You may discuss news in the public domain, including news in the public domain related to illegal activities or otherwise forbidden topics. However, please be sure your post does not advocate engaging in blatantly criminal activities and/or provide assistance on how to break the law.

Flaming, Trolling, and Threats. Flaming, name calling, trolling, threats, etc. are not allowed on tijuanatalk.net. If it is your intention to upset someone, no matter how carefully you word it, then it is not allowed.

Racist, Chauvinistic, and Bigoted Remarks. Do not make racist, chauvinistic, or bigoted remarks when posting on tijuanatalk.net.

Respecting Others. Treat and address your fellow board members with respect.

Response to Flames, Outings, etc. If someone flames you, “outs you,” et cetera:

(1) Please do not respond and (2) Notify the moderators.

Pictures. Do not post pictures taken from other sites. Do not copy pictures from tijuanatalk.net and post them elsewhere. Do NOT post negative comments about pictures posted on this site. Violators will have their post removed and be barred from viewing the photo forums. Access to photo forums is limited to members who have posted five qualifying photos or have taken the appropriate action to become a TT Contributor.  Some pertinent information regarding the photos is encouraged as it helps with verification.

Other Websites. You may mention other sites, but please do not hyperlink to pay sites.

Spam and Business. Do not post or link to spam. Do not conduct business on tijuanatalk.net.

Public Service Posts and Personal Advice. Tijuanatalk.net permits members to post public service messages relevant to TJ and to offer personal advice. Tijuanatalk.net is not a sponsor of activities organized by its members and assumes no liability for the posts, activities, opinions, and advice of its members.

Usernames and Multiple Usernames. You may have multiple usernames, but not multiple board personas. Using multiple usernames in the same thread is not allowed.

Avatars. Avatars deemed obscene or offensive will be removed.

Signatures. Please no signatures. 

All Caps and Punctuation. On the Internet the use of all caps is the equivalent of shouting. Please do not post in ALL CAPS on tijuanatalk.net. Please make your posts legible by using standard English and standard punctuation.

Off Topic Posts. Please make your posts in the appropriate forum and thread. Posts should be made with the goal of contributing something of value to the topic being discussed. (One liners made to build your post count are not allowed.) Please use PMs for personal conversations.

Site Moderation. The moderators are here to interpret and enforce the “spirit” of the rules as fairly as they can, but in the end, their decision is final. Posting forum messages to question administrative decisions, such as post removals and topic closures, is not permitted. Use the PM system or Contact Us forum if you have questions about a moderator’s actions.

Font Colors. Use of this blue font color is reserved for use by moderators. Members should use the default font color when posting and avoid excessive use of other colors in their posts.

Deleting Accounts and Posts. We do not delete accounts nor do we mass delete posts by request. Do not post anything anywhere on Tijuana Talk that you aren't willing to leave behind if you should lose access to all or part of the site.

Rule Violations. Tijuanatalk.net reserves the right to warn, sanction, or ban any member who violates our rules or disrupts our community. We strive to be fair and generally provide a warning before taking disciplinary action.

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