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Second Trip to TJ


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Hello Gentlemen! This is my second trip to TJ. We arrive on Friday and can't wait to get there. The first trip was so much fun and what an amazing time at HK. Looking to make our way around to some of the awesome bar I hear about. Any advice on fun places to visit and great times to have. HK was amazing but would like to try something new. Where is the best location to meet local good looking women or hooking up! 

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Welcome aboard!  Now that you've gotten HK under your belt, stroll over to Chicago Club.  There are usually a few guys on the corner of Constitucion and Coahuila (HK is on Coahuila) who are wearing CC shirts and will walk you over to the bar. 

If you're looking to try your civvie game, you need to speak some Spanish.  6th y Revolution has a span of bars that fill up after around 10pm.  Las Pulgas is the big locals club in Centro.

Take a look at some of the recent trip reports here https://www.tijuanatalk.net/forum/13-trip-reports-from-tijuana/

Our restaurants section may also be of interest https://www.tijuanatalk.net/forum/75-restaurants/


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