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Peaches here.  I have not been to TJ in many years.  My Spanish speaking friend first introduced me to TJ back in the day.  I would go with him maybe once a year for fun, but it was not something I did regularly.  Then a couple years ago, I came across "the other site."  I logged on and quickly came up with the first Spanish word that I could think of as my handle, not expecting to be anything but a lurker (I did end up regretting my handle name, but no big whoop).  Eventually, I ended up posting a few times, and really enjoyed reading many of the stories that the regular posters submitted.

The last 6 months or so, I didn't bother renewing my membership to the other site, therefore I did not read and catch up on all the wonderful stories.  Some of you may remember me as "Senorita."  My normal interests have been MMA (as a fan only), and social commentary that includes diverse subjects like UFOs, cops, and anything that happens to pique my interest. 

Also, I think a couple people may have PM me on the last site, but unfortunately, I did not read them as I did not bother updating my membership status.  Anyhow, if you happen to be one of those people who did PM me on the other site, you can PM me here on this site and I'll be sure to read them.  Good to see some familiar names, and glad to be back, but will miss the stories that the other site allowed.

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