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New-ish from California


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Hey guys,

Thought I would make a quick into. I used to be on TJA some years back before it closed down (same username). I ended up moving from California to another state, but as luck would have it, the job brought me back here to California. Not sure I'm excited about it, but that's a topic for another day.

I wouldn't classify myself as TJ expert, but I definitely have some experience. Keep in mind the last trip I made before I moved was probably Summer 2016 if I am remembering correctly. I am excited to be able to head back down and relive some of those days.

I will need to catch back up, and see what has changed since I've been gone. I mostly did bombing runs at that time, and even met up with a few amigos from the forums to cross the boarder with and share a few drinks at the bars.

Looking forward to interactions on the forums and experiencing the Zona once again. And of course, would like to cross a couple items off my bucket list that just haven't been accomplished yet!


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