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Hello as my handle suggest, I’m just a man in my 30’s living it up in SD and visiting TJ a couple of times a month (if not more). Want to know more about the culture and all there is to do there. Got my Sentri card so I’m ready to go. Awesome site, much more in depth than other sites. Hope to connect with others from the site in real life.

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Welcome aboard! To expand beyond Zona Norte, we have a quite a few "out in town" sections for restaurants, breweries, and general entertainment along with a number of individual threads about Playas and the surrounding areas.

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Welcome aboard pal!

And you already have a SENTRI pass!!

You are very prepared already!

Enjoy the site, and share your concerns when you are able!


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Ya, he is locked and loaded. Twice a month, sounds like he's no rookie either! 

If you are around this Sunday you can always stop by the Superbowl Party @sampson mentioned, should be a handful of us hanging out there. I am also one who wants to take in more than just La Zona so I am making a point to get outside the TJ bubble, see natural sites and visit smaller towns further south on every trip. Since I am coming from a much further distance my trips are several days long and set up more like vacations (with the best nightlife at my disposal). That's the plan anyway, I am sure my future trip reports will tell the tale. Definitely lots of good reading on these threads, bound to spark a few ideas!

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