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Hello all (TJ Mongerers)


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Hi All
Completely new to  tjtalk, the forum and even going to TJ. I am 60, world traveled as an artist. I'm in good health, don't drink/smoke/drug. Fell upon the massage scene in Mazatlan and liked it! and now I am ready for TJ!  Never went before cause of all the bad I heard. All I have read recently however, is more balanced.

Looking to get into the bar scene and escort scene. I speak Spanish, so that is no problem. I do have a hard time climaxing with a condom though, but no bare back intercourse for me.   Thinking of spending two days down there in March. Any suggestions for someone of my background would be much appreciated.



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Welcome amigo! 

Speaking Spanish and being well traveled will definitely help you out in TJ. 

This is a great site. I would start reading all of the basic guides to get a feeling for how things work in TJ. Read all of the threads about crossing the border, what is your best TJ tip etc...and then let us know how your first trip goes. 👍


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You've already mastered half of it by speaking Spanish! :dancin_banana:

Poke around the site and I'm sure you'll find answers to questions you didn't even know you had.

As to the condom thing, if you don't know about Okamotos, I suggest checking them out.  Many Amigos who have difficulty getting off with a condom like these quite a bit.  Yes, they're expensive but most everyone who uses them swears by them.



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