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Just a quick note to introduce myself.

long time monger, first time posting. I am a trophy hunter and have traveled to many places searching for new heights (Mex DF, Panama, Bogota and Medellin,  São Paulo, Rio, Buenos Aires, Frankfurt, etc. the list goes on.....). 


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57 minutes ago, amosrolling said:

Of your many mongering destinations, which has been your favorite?

Wow, that is tough question.

Panama offers a great variety of choices due to the market that the Panama Canal creates. So, in one place you can sample Panamanian, Colombian, Cuban, Ecuadorian, etc. however, they deal in USD, so prices can be high compared to other locations.

Colombia is probably my favorite, great selection from GND to Miss Colombia are available. Prices vary, but speaking the language or some does help.

Brazil, what can I say, women are off the chart, Afro descendant or European (blondes types) with big natural butties. Sao Paulo and Rio offer great choices at a great price (~$70)  all inclusive with massage in a private comfortable room. 

So, the list goes on, it depends what you like and how much $ you have.

I am a trophy hunter so, my point of view maybe a bit skewed.


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This is mi amigo that has traveled to many places with me. My most recent trip report for Medellin was of his exploits. I’m in the process of writing up his trip report for Dakar Senegal. I write for him because he likes my writing style - how I bring the story to life :07:

my guess is he will say the German FKKs

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Haha haha we are posting in this simultaneously!  I thought you loved the FKK experience?  Can’t argue with you about Panama. I know you like the Colombiana big bootys. 

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Yes, indeed my brother from another mother or better yet, my Eskimo brother.

Germany FKK ranks high on my list looks, choices and above all... set price 50 Euros.


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4 hours ago, Don Pisto said:


Looking forward to reading your reports!


Tomorrow I am flying to Seattle.  I will try to get it written up over the next few days.  He gave me part one.  I need part two and three!

Part two is where Dragon-Encabronado comes from.....Google it: angry dragon blowjob.

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