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El Oso


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El Oso has been very busy hunting honey pots every night!  I chatted with him on Sunday before he had to charge up to another honey pot.... 

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I don't usually hang out in the callejon, but I took a detour lap and came across him tonight, had a nice chat. I mentioned that he has fans on here waiting, I sure miss his stories.



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22 hours ago, Jascoi said:

wowwe zowee... screaming WHAT??? can’t wait to see how he describes things...


I think there's been another El Oso sighting! :P 



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The distinguished senor oso concerns himself with honey.  Full stop.  That's it.  I never once read a post from Oso about a restaurant, a hotel, or wine bar. That's not a criticism, just pointing out oso is a pragmatic bear who has life priorities figured out.  It was always about finding honey comb, enjoying honey comb, basking in the afterglow of enjoying the honey comb. How the honey comb looked, how the honey comb tasted, the feelings of excitement when honey comb was enjoyed.  That said, I think we would be thrilled if oso stopped in to offer warm ursine greetings.

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