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    • Cascadas reception scams
      These are scams I've seen from the Cascadas reception guys (most of the guys there, except for Angel, the older guy). I don't seem to run into these issues at Rizo.

      * "I can't find your reservation" - It happens 9 out of 10 times. I'm not sure if it's just their "reservation" system, or if they're looking for a couple bucks from us to help them find our reservation.

      * The deposit (for the Master Suite) is $50 USD, or 2000 pesos. I point out that the exchange rate is only 19:1 and he says if I give them 2000p and that's what he writes down, then that's what I'll get back when I check out. While theoretically true, I think it just lays the groundwork for further scamming.

      * That deposit claim form.. you lose it, you lose your deposit. I guess not really a scam, but fair warning to everybody on this.

      * Master Suite costs $120, minus 20% VIP discount, which is $96. In pesos it's 1850 pesos (should be 1824). It's always rounded up, not down.

      * Upon checkout, they radio to check my room before returning my deposit. I get back a stack of small US bills. I count it right there and it's seven $5 bills and ten $1 bills. I ask about it he says they kept $5 for the Redbull I drank. I tell them I didn't drink anything in the fridge. Without radioing the guys upstairs again, he takes my stack of small bills back and gives me a $50 bill.


      I know ultimately these are small amounts and I seem like a cheap Charlie for worrying about a dollar here and there. For me, it's the proverbial "principle" of it all. I absolutely tip the reception guys, talicheros, meseros, and the cleanup guys.. just when they don't try to steal from me. If you deserve it, I will tip you.. if you don't, then I won't.
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    • Paradita Parade
      Street girls and other riffraff loitering.
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    • Rio Verde
      I stopped in for a drink last night, the bar was packed with locals, no gringos. The available ladies are a fairly motley group, you have to look for pearls within the swine. Also, it's a hangout for lesbians, so some ladies are off limits.

      I found a bench in some dark corner, but the meseros found me immediately. It's like Christmas for a mesero if a gringo walks into Rio Verde. Shortly thereafter, some buxom young lady appeared. She scoped me out while walking by, sat next to me, and tried some lines in English. I responded in Spanish, and I could almost hear her make the cash register sound (ka ching!).

      She was from Tijuana, a recurring theme for the night. Where it used to be rare to run across a local lady, now it is becoming common. The ladies who came to TJ from Sinaloa 20 years ago spit out babies, and now the babies are working bar.

      I was only interested in one drink, but I bought her a ladydrink, and we talked for a few minutes, while every mesero in the bar stopped by to examine her beer.

      The lowdown on Rio Verde is that it is difficult and expensive to extract ladies from the bar. There are all sorts of rules, you have to buy them a bucket of beers before they leave, or you can only go to their hotel, it is just too much of a pain to bother with.

      I was on a tour of dive bars, so I left pretty quickly.

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    • New Years Eve in Tijuana Recap
      So I decided against better judgement and advice I went down for NYE weekend. I walked through the US line when coming into Mexico as no one was in it and got waved through and didn't have to pay for a FMM, score ! Quick cab ride to Hotel Ticuan, checked in and asked for a room on the Constitution side of the hotel to avoid any noise from Las Pulgas. I had two dates lined up with Goodgirls/Sweetsgirls respectively which I was lucky to get at all considering the holiday. Ultimately, Sweets had to cancel but fortunately GG was able to get me a booking at 7pm with Dakota.

      I had some time to kill so decided to grab some shrimp tacos around La Zona and check out the alley/clubs. At 5 pm, the talent was pretty low to fair as expected, hardly an SGs in the alley given the weather. I popped into HK, Adelitas and Tropical Club.

      HK: Pretty lively and some lookers about but very tame from a usual Friday there. As I had a date later, I decided to not partake and just window shop.

      Adelitas: Haven't been here in years. Adelitas was my first club ever and it was a bit surreal being there after so long.  My quick take here was Adelitas had some surprising stunners and considering the price gouging happening at HK; it seems there can be gems found at Adelitas.

      Tropical: Not much going on, but I did note that I liked how much more laidback Tropical is compared to HK; will have to return to get a better opinion.

      7pm rolls around and Dakota from GG arrives. While I didn't have much choice as availability was limited, I truly lucked out on Dakota. Extremely passionate DFK, neck kissing (had a hickey even the next day which was a surprise). Body was in great shape and extremely tight below. I would definitely repeat.

      Saturday: National Hangover Day. Booking this day was proving more difficult than the day
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    • Short Nancy @ Hotel 8075
      I guess we don't have a thread for Nancy yet. I call her short Nancy. She's a fireplug.

      She often stands at the doorway of Hotel 8075 but sometimes moves over in front of Burro Bar. I see her out very early in the morning and through at least the early afternoon. Sometimes later.

      She's in the white pants. Here's a couple photos from August 24th, 2019. 
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