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  • Our Picks

    • Mar
      I remember years ago seeing this picture...

      and thinking damnnn

      I have to meet this chica!

      Sadly, I never did. I did meet one similar looking to her but this one is way more beautiful.
      On IG she goes by Mar.

      idk if that’s her working name or not. 

      During the pandemic she has been doing independent escorting and not working in HK.

       However, these past couple of hours she posted on her IG that she is coming back to the club and even posted the job application. Some of the things they ask on this thing are fuckin ridiculously hilarious to me. Like why???? example: Do you practice a sport? What is your life goal? 

      Do these clubs really give a rats ass about these girls’ life goals. I find it rather odd tbh. I’m sure some of these ladies do have life goals and I hope they reach them! 

      Anywho, hope some of you guys find her in the club. She seems to love her job. Always posts positive reviews from her clients on her IG story. 

      Plastic type of chica, so not everyone’s cup of tea.
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    • Border wait times
      Does any one know what time is best after 11am on a weekday to drive back across?  I assume at around 10pm it'll be a quick drive across but I prefer an earlier time.  I would hope 30min or less for sure not an hour or more.
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    • Paradita Parade
      Street girls and other riffraff loitering.
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    • A ficha and a dollar, too?
      A couple of weeks ago I had a ficha with fresh, young, pretty girl (I know, a unicorn there, hahaha) in Playboys. Half way through her drink she asks for a dollar. I'm thinking she wants to tip the dancer (happens sometimes), but no she expected it for her self. I immediately stood up and told her "thanks but your company is no longer requested" She immediately tried to give me the dollar back but I was not having any of it. She slinked off a couple of booths away and looked confused and sad at me while I finished my beer. Very cute girl and probably inexperienced, but the whole thing rubbed me wrong and I spent my money elsewhere that night.
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    • Karmen is 18, 5’4,  108 lbs, perfect English
       She's the real deal...  a bit taller than Spinner size, but flaka...  (Thin)  and enthusiastic/cooperative.
      She is a natural in front of the camera  ... great poser.  She is ok with face photos being shared here.  


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