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    • April 19th Trip Report
      Went to Azul for breakfast around 10 AM. Posted up in the middle part of the Patio. Ordered Eggs Mexican style with rice and beans. 8/10. Had a couple of cups of Café de Olla. 10/10. Best coffee in the world. Walked around Avenida Revolucion to see what’s going on. Went to Caliente casino to place a couple of NBA play-in bets. Was told I need to sign up for the membership card before I could place any bets. However, the chica will issue the card does not come in until noon so I will have to come back a little later. I’m bored so I go to HK.

      Took a quick lap and saw some promising prospects. I took a seat at one of the booths by the rail. Ordered myself a mineral gold water for $5 ($1 tip). Sarah from the previous day sat next to me. It was like she just popped out of nowhere. I enjoy her company so we were talking. Bought her a couple of ficha. She was showing me pictures of her recent trip to Cabo with one of her regulars. One of the mesero approached us and asked if I wanted to buy her a third drink. I say ‘no’. Sarah sensed that I didn’t want to take her arriba this time so she says her goodbyes. It was not long before I was approached again by another chica named Azula. Azula is from Tijuana around 5’2, natural medium sized tits & ass, REALLY cute face.  She has a little 2x1 tattoo on her left hip which I didn’t mind too much. Azula speaks fluent English and I was able to build a rapport with her. She was cultured and we kind of match in the intellectual level.
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    • April 18th Trip Report
      Landed in SAN around 10:40 AM. Went to the Pronto Loading machine in the baggage claim area, loaded an additional $5 on top of $4 I had in my Pronto Card. Hopped in the 992 bus for $2.50 around 11 AM. Got off in America Plaza to take the tram to San Ysidro. I never knew how to pay the tram so I just hopped on. I tried to observe how other people were paying from my previous trips, and nobody seems to be paying for the tram ride. People are just hopping in and out. It’s odd because every now and then, the overhead announcement will say that everyone must have a valid fare. “Oh, well”. Fair amount of people going about their own business in San Diego from where I am sitting in the tram. Not too slow nor it is busy, I take this is just a regular day in San Diego.

                      Got to San Ysidro around 12:40 PM. Went straight to “Foreigner” line as there was a guy checking for passports.

                      “How long are you here for?” asked the Immigration Officer.

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    • Hassled by the....cops?
      Hey all. Something very bizarre happened yesterday and I'm still trying to make sense out of it. I'm wondering if any of you have had a similar experience or can shed some light on it for me.

      I had just checked out of my hotel at 1pm and was walking up Constitucion. I felt a tugging on my duffel bag and at first I thought I was getting mugged, but the guy was saying he was policia and the next thing I know I got my hands up on the hood while 5 or 6 guys start going through my things and telling me I match the description of a guy they're looking for.

      They asked for ID and I gave them my passport, which they took a picture of and said they were searching my record and if I was clean they would let me go.

      One guy went through my bag, one went through my pockets down to the lint, and one guy "ran my record" while like three other guys
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    • Avoiding the constant tipping of ballerinas
      So lately, I've been hanging out on the 2nd floor of Bar Tropical and to my surprise, it has saved me lots of singles!

      99% of the ballerinas dance on the 1st and 3rd floors and seldom if ever come to the 2nd floor for tips.

      I think thats' the reason why on most days people prefer to stay on the 2nd floor so as not to get constantly harassed for tips.
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    • Good times, Good times indeed!!!
      Day 1- I Catch my flight and head to San Diego . I kept pacing back and forth through the cabin reaching across each aisle to look out everyone’s window. The stewardess asks if I’m ok cause she can see how sweaty and anxious I was. For a minute I thought I was on “SOUL PLANE” cause this was the 1st time seeing a flamboyant male stew with excessive lip gloss on just prancing through the aisle. I have such a raging hard-on that the other stew tells me that I have to take my seat.
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