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  • Our Picks

    • First planned trip to the Zona and I fucked my brains out -  will repeat!!
      Before starting out my trip report i want to thank the many members who have given me advice, responded to my questions and given me pointers as i planned out this trip.  There are too many of you to list but please know i greatly appreciated your help and comments in making this a trip to remember.  I look forward to hearing any comments or tips you may have.

      My trip motive was variety.   It ended up being the best 3 days of sex in my life!!   I will repeat....Body Count = 13      Mistake on not getting all their names but have some pics...will clean that up next go around


      1- Paradita...didn't get her name (Busted my SG Cherry)

      2-Escort Montana via Greenman's Service - (Busted my Escort Cherry)

      3 -Tropical Bar Girl - didn't get her name
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    • SG Estrella de Acapulco
      First post about her was March 2009.....

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    • Panocha pics!
      Add in your favorites, por favor.


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    • Medusa Club (Swingers Club)
      Friday nights is couples and singles. Saturday nights is couples only.

      Daniela and I went there last night for the first time. It is across at a diagonal from Deju Vu in the direction of Puebla Amigo. There is a big door in front of the building but that is closed. You need to go to the left side to get in.

      For couples it is 350 pesos. Not sure how much for singles. Inside looks like a strip club with a mainstage and several stripper poles throughout. We arrived around midnight and the place was packed.

      They have three girls dancing on the poles/stages wearing lingerie and taking it off. They would go to customer tables and play with the customers - the typical Zona Norte table action. Daniela and I assumed they are putas, but didn't know if you could fuck them in the club. One of them was really good looking, an easy 9. The other two were an 8 and 7.

      We really enjoyed their dancing more as it was more sential than the gyration typical in a strip club.

      The music was a good selection of American music where the volume was loud enough to enjoy the music, but easily have conversation in the bar.

      Everyone we interacted with was friendly and no one touched Daniela.

      The beers were a but pricey at probably around $4 or $5. I didn't pay much attention as we only bought a couple beers.

      On the mainstage they have a large projector which was showing porn videos. On the stage was a sex chair like you would see in a love motel. At one point, two girls, who looked like civvies, got on stage and used the chair to make out and play with each others tits.

      The crowd who was there was mostly older and not a lot of good looking people. Daniela was easily the hottest girl their besides the pros on the poles.

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    • My 2-night romp in Durango City, Durango.
      Welcome to Durango!
      Late Friday afternoon, I found an Uber driver. He drove me to all the nasty places that Durango had to offer. His name is Oscar and I have his digits if you need his services.  

      Hotel:I stayed at the Hotel Gobernador in El Centro. The place was beautiful and the staff was excellent. I had a great room and it was very quiet. Was it girl friendly? Yes, I had an escort cum to my room early Saturday evening. I will discuss my date later. I highly recommend this hotel.

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