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    • Bill2455
      Thanks to all the members who are doing all the work.  Donations are easy.  
    • fotofreak
      Woot! Thanks @Bill2455 and @Haus!!!  Smuggled over 75 soccer balls yesterday.... here's a shot of a few of them.... and yes, each ball comes with a hand pump.  
    • fotofreak
      So last year, I hunted far and wide for good teddy bears for the littlest niños.  I finally found some and bought them all up.  @Melcher Dingle and his son were Gringo Claus's elves last year and remembered how difficult it had been for me to find these bears.  Well, it turns out they went on sale the day after Christmas last year so MD and his family went to every store that sold them within a 50-mile radius and bought all of them!  They stored them all year long and yesterday, I met him in San Ysidro to pick up the stash. HOLY COW!  We gotta lotta bears!  Soccer balls were finally shipped out yesterday, too!
    • fotofreak
      Gracias to my Amigo @Sargon for the $$$!! I've started the process of smuggling over the goodies.  Yesterday, I hauled over the 350 empty stockings that we'll be stuffing on the 20th.....    And yes, we're still taking donations!  
    • sampson
      For anyone interested I have got the room (salon) at Ticuan for Thursday the 20th at 5pm.  We will be there maybe from 5pm to 8pm.  Thanks for all that sent donations and I have one to pick up this weekend from a member of the board that lives in TJ.