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    • Dulce Gabbana -- Target-rich Environment If You Are Not Picky
      Went to Dulce Gabbana on a Thursday (9/23) hunting trip. Two previous trips and I didn’t observe any girls who would qualify past a low six so I never got past buying a few drinks for the prospects. A few times I have walked in and did an immediate about face. The club is half a block down the street past La Perla. Cannot be missed, due to the bright lights on an otherwise dank block. Past the club begins the Gringo At Risk zone. Barkers on the corner near La Perla do all they can to drag you in.

      Took an off-duty bar girl there on my first visit (August 2018). We were the only civies in the bar. She finally got bored enough to take the stage herself, put on a good show for my benefit and to show the club girls how it is done. (She is VERY athletic.) 

      As you enter, to the right there is seating around a stage with a single pole. Girls tend to line the couches on the opposite wall. On this trip there were mostly fives, by my standard. I like lean girls, but they must be B-cup or better and sport some ass. There was a good range of girls, but most are very young and are the D-list of Tijuana putas. Lean spinners with no tits or ass. A few cute GND types that would otherwise interest me were present, except that they did not seem to have any enthusiasm for the job.

      Toward the back, there is a bar on the left and additional seating across from the bar. VIP rooms are against the far back wall. And most important to many of you would-be mongers, the bathroom is basically a closet to the left of the VIP rooms. No cover. No frisking. No metal detector.

      Overall, the club is clean and the furnishings comfortable. Heavy red velvet theme and well lit. An upside is that it is one of the few clubs where the music isn’t so loud it liquifies

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    • Dulce Cumintj
      So I decided to head down to La Mansion for a previously scheduled meeting that fell through.  I have used Mundo in the past so I messaged him.  He came through with a clutch and said Dulce could come out to see me.  I was hoping that I could see one of his other chicas, but Dulce looked cute.

      She arrived in less than 30mins after Mundo said she's on her way.

      She came in with some pleather pants and white tank top.  She's cute and has a natural body, soft B-cups.  She definitely has a southern latin country spanish accent.  We hit it off pretty well, she was thankful that I was able to communicate with her in spanish. 

      I asked her if she would like anything to drink and she asked for water.  She said she doesn't drink alcohol but smokes a little 420 but never drinks.  I told her I rarely do either, so water is perfect. 

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    • Trip Report 10/11 - 10/12
      As with my other trip reports, this post will be in several parts over the next few days.  The events may be out of order as I remember things.  

      Got to town late afternoon, no line to cross border.  I did get question upon entry asking reason for visit, I said the usual going to the pharmacy.  I was asked if I was staying overnight, said yes, asked if I had prescriptions, said no but had an empty prescription bottle was trying to refill.  I was then asked what hotel was staying at, said Marriott.  At that point I knew I fucked up, cause they could have asked for confirmation.  They did not asked for it, but basically read me the riot act for not having the 6 month travel visa(or whatever its called).  They gave me shit for not having it, but they never asked me to buy it.  They said next time I would need to buy it, said no problem and crossed.  I guess Im supposed to ask to buy it, what ever, Ill buy it next time, no biggie.

      Check in at Cascades was fast, entered through the alley entrance.  I got a master suite for 2 nights ($128 includes $50 deposit)using the VIP card.
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    • Best erection pill to buy in Tijuana?
      Any suggestions?
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    • Gold Palace
      When I first started my Zona adventures, I always seemed to wind up in GP for at least a few beers.  They had great AC in the middle of summer and there weren't loads of people everywhere like Adelita or HK.

      @Melcher Dingle, the late great Caprese, and I would often spend quite a bit of time in there due to the friendly DJ and laid back vibe.  Plus one of my trusted meseros - Norman - has worked there for several years now.

      Anyway, @SuperPerro and I rolled in there a few weeks ago and while things seem more or less the same (new tablecloths but same layout and booths and stuff), they have also jumped on the Foam Show Wagon.  However, given the weirdness of it, I am almost wondering if they were perhaps doing it for the first time EVER that night.

      SP and I go in and grab a booth and some beers.  The DJ recognizes me from all my times in and comes over.  I had a few photos of him from past trips that I gave him.  He was surprised and delighted about this "regalo".    SP mentions it's his birthday (which it was that weekend) and that causes him to yell a bunch of Spanish into the microphone and a gaggle of meseros come over and blow whistles for a minute.

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