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  • Posts

    • fotofreak
      Treading lightly is not permitted here.  Either dive in or get out.  There is a trannie subforum here and I'm guessing that's what you're asking about.
    • Haus
      You can send a private message to asshole, just say you're curious about an alternate species encounter.                              
    • amosrolling
      Generally no women allowed.  Female mongers would be welcome but are very rare.  Have a true appreciation for the zona and TJ, write informative posts, genuinely do not hold mongers in contempt, and take great pictures and post them, then we'll talk. Quick edit, I read your post again so let me expound a bit.  A fair number of women visit Club Hong Kong.  Some are lesbian, some come with their boyfriends.  They usually come for the same reasons many women across country now go to strip clubs: they are perhaps a bit more dynamic in their sexuality than men and while not be into women per se, (or sometimes are), they are into sexual adventure and sexiness.  Women will occasionally go upstairs with a  chica, but usually another man is in the mix.  Once I saw a pretty young American solicitating a lucky young monger to go upstairs with her and a working chica.  Beyond that, I should clarify, female mongers are very rare.  If you are, by chance, of the fairer species, please feel welcome as long as you remember we are not really bad guys, just a bit more rebellious and perhaps more amorous than the average dudes. As far as this "sexual preference underground industry," please no reason to be so vague.  If it is trannies then it's very much a fringe thing, but hey more power to you if that is your thing.  Always consenting adults, of course.
    • briguy
      Well, there is one woman who is a provider... of photos!
    • Reuben
      Alternate species?  Are you talking about t-girls?  As to women on this community, we do not allow providers to join the forum.