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Good evening(or whatever time of day your reading this) everyone,


First time taking my time to introduce myself in a forum like this as I like to keep a minimum footprint online. I felt compelled to after seeing the free flow of information and the general sense of ease and chill vibes I’ve gotten from the post’s I’ve seen.

Generally more of a local monger but I do make my way over on occasion to HK . So I’m grateful for the wealth of information the forums provide on other spots and options. Looking forward to my time here. 

Happy Hunting Ya’ll,


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As you've noticed, the Amigos have a wide range of styles and habits when enjoying the charms of Tijuana and they venture far beyond the confines of Zona Norte.  The recent trip reports from @Bigtyme and @chinaboy1 are great examples of what knowing a bit of Spanish and going outside the Zona can bring and the ongoing saga of @nonsensicalElixir and his chica is a great story of love and lust.

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