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Sites Similar To This One For Other Mexican Cities?

Ray Purchase

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Dear TJ Bros,

I am planning a 12-day trip to México in the distant future (October 2022) that will involve visits to Tijuana as well as one other major Mexican city that has decent mongering opportunities.  I am almost certain that the other city is going to be Guadalajara but I have not completely ruled out CDMX.  

As this site has already been well worth the investment of the  subscription fee, I wanted to know if any of you were aware of similar forums specific to one Mexican city, e.g., diosasgdl for Guadalajara or this site for Tijuana.  

Any information would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

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Surprisingly there are some good threads about Guadalajara over on Pattaya Addicts, especially one called Mongering In Guadalajara, Mexico - A Good Alternative To Thailand. Plenty of recent boots on the ground info.

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11 hours ago, Diggy said:

Join this Telegram channel where a lot of independents & agencies also advertise services!



Call me stupid, but how do you search and add groups on TG?  Tried searching it on my android app TG, but my search only works to search current chats and groups I'm in.  Thanks

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12 minutes ago, Diggy said:

Try typing in just GDL and see what happens. Thats' what I did!

Nada.  It just brings up chat and groups I'm.  For whatever reason doesn't let me search outside my groups and can't figure out how to change this on the settings.

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