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Safe place for personal items


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Not sure if this is the correct place to add this, but figured it is a general question. 

I typically arrange my travels to head back home early or right after checkout. However, for once I will have to check out and still have several hours before having to cross back and catch a late night flight. 

If I was just exploring TJ I wouldn’t mind carrying my bag around. But I plan on spending my final few hours bouncing from club to club for a few last drinks. 

Question is, what do you guys do in this situation? I’m looking for a safe place to leave my bag for a few hours. 

I know if I was staying at an upscale hotel like Ticuan or grand I could simply leave my bag there. 

But staying at either cascadas or one of the other cheaper hotels, not sure I feel as comfortable. 

Would I be able to leave my bag at Ticuan even tho I am not a guest this time? Or what other options I have? 

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I would not worry to much if you'd been staying at Cascadas or you could just leave it at the front desk of HK and then exit through the Alley after having a drink. I've done it without any problems.

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