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31 minutes ago, TxRex said:

When walking around Tijuana are you required to carry your passport? Or will your ID be sufficient?

My experience is you will need it and your proof of visa if you are confronted by the Police, deal with the Banks, deal with government agencies like immigration and you need a flight further inside Mexico.  I carry my passport card at all times even when I don't have a visa.



"..When traveling in Mexico, the law requires that foreign visitors carry a passport and entry permit.  You may be asked to present these documents at any point.  If you do not present these documents, immigration authorities may lawfully detain you for up to 60 days while they review your immigration status."


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They do use the permit to evict American illegally living in Tijuana in hotels.   Generally when they want to rid themselves of drug addicts.  Regardless of what you read about only an ID is necessary to be on your person while walking in the streets and it does not need to be a passport.



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