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Money and valuables


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Hey there! First time posting.

Thinking of taking a flight to San Diego and heading to TJ for xmas eve and xmas night, for my first time!

I'll be going on foot - no sentri yet, though I just need the interview.

I want to keep my laptop to do some work while I'm there, and get some cash locally (I want to stay at Cascadas)

What's the best way to go about doing this? What I've read is that I'll have the laptop stolen and that the HK ATMs will steal your money. How can I prevent all of this? What's the best way to get or transport cash?


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 keep your laptop out of sight and you should be fine. if you can lock your ATM card then do so after each withdrawal or else walk up revolution to an actual bank and use their ATM (decline the conversion). good luck brother :)

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