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12 minutes ago, junkname said:

Can someone give me the cliff note version of why TJA shut down?  Thanks in advance....

I'll attempt. Others correct me if I'm wrong.

Several years ago a law was passed that basically held website owners responsible for what happened on their sites if it was criminal, especially when it came to prostitution/exploitation of minors.  BackPage was busted for promoting prostitution using this law.  The owners of TJA panicked and shut it down because the fear was that they could be liable for "promoting prostitution" even though said prostitution was happening outside of the US and was essentially legal where it was being practiced.

TJTalk was started after a while and at first was restricted in what could be posted/discussed, but eventually opened up to be essentially the same as TJA.

What was unfortunate was that many of the most prolific posters on TJA left and never came to TJTalk.  Some that came to TJTalk left when the "pandemic" hit and have not come back.

Hopefully, when things return more too normal, all will come back.

@Reuben: have I got this largely right?

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On 10/5/2021 at 1:58 PM, Sargon said:

The owners of TJA panicked

That was a blatantly stupid comment. To set the record straight,  after the passage of SESTA and FOSTA legislation, I followed the shutdowns of all the reddit threads (Male escorts,Hookers,Sugardadday's etc) in addition to TER, CityVibe,Nightshifts, Men4Rent and the other TJ related site. The shutdown of TJA was based on the careful legal analysis of the recently passed law as it pertained to mongering websites at that time, our potential liability and what all of the other similarly situated sites decided was the right course of action to take at that point in time.

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