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Thanks to all the mongers who helped out a first timer!


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I went solo to TJ last month and had a great time, a lot of which was due to mongers who answered questions I had.  It could have been a frustrating, clunky mess without your advice, so thanks!

Also, some high-level advice for other noobs:

  • Pay for the subscription, if only so you can read Burt's guide.  It's worth the subscription fee many times over.
  • If you've got a question for other members, that's great.  But do a little reading from the above guide and other posts so your question is more specific.  I posted a travel plan for my trip and other members improved it.  But I've seen other posts which ask things like "What should I do in TJ?", which is too vague to answer.
  • Do not drive in TJ!  All the people I met were friendly.  But when my taxi took me from the border to the hotel, I learned that speed limits and traffic lanes are kind of suggestions rather than hard-and-fast rules.
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