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Mexico sets sights on Vienna's Aztec crowning glory

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It is one of the star attractions of Vienna's Weltmuseum, a resplendent ancient Aztec headdress of iridescent blue-green feathers almost two metres (six feet) wide with a centrepiece sporting hundreds of pieces of gold.

This week, a long-running wrangle over where it should be displayed was re-ignited when Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he had asked his wife to persuade Austrian authorities to allow the headdress to be exhibited in Mexico in 2021 for the country's celebrations of the 200th anniversary of independence...


As far as the headdress is concerned, Lopez Obrador seems to recognise that the request may well be turned down.

"It is an almost impossible mission, since they (the Austrians) have completely appropriated it," he wrote on Twitter earlier this week.

The next day in his daily press conference, Lopez Obrador struck an even more forthright tone on the question of where the headdress belonged, calling it a "piece of ours, of Mexico" and saying the Austrians had "seized" it.  

But the Weltmuseum argues that the piece is too fragile to move. 

"We have an Aztec exhibition on show now downstairs and this would fit into that exhibition. But we are not allowed to bring it down, it is really too fragile," explains Gerard van Bussel, curator of the Weltmuseum's North and Central America department . . . "


Remember: if anyone asks you to go offroading or beach camping on your new motorbike or pickup in Mexico to tell them "it is too fragile to move . . . "  Also if you want to take anything of much value to Mexico, "it is too fragile to move".    How did those Austrians learn to never move "fragile" valuable pieces of art or gold or anything else that is valuable and easy to steal to Mexico?  Most American tourists still haven't figured this out . . .  lol

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Is his wife going to "persuade the authorities" by being in one of those German pornos where a bunch of fat pasty dudes gang bang the "exotic" Hispanic lady and then take turns cumming on her face? 

I think the headdress would look good in Aztec Warrior Stadium in San Diego. 




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Just so we know what the article is talking about:



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