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This account just started on Instagram... anyone got a read on it ?


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Offering  escorts in TJ.  IG hasn’t shut them down yet.   I inquired.  Didn’t get much ... I asked for the impossible. “Do you have a girl or two who have been Quarantine for at least two months staying in their houses and haven’t seen any clients in that time?“    Actually replied saying yes. Lol.  But no face photos ....   not in the market really but boredom takes a toll!     https://instagram.com/fabiolaguerrero2322?igshid=y4ymrc4xb1xn

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15 hours ago, jborger55 said:

The red skirt looks like Muneca from formerly Foxys

I recognized her ass but couldn't remember the name. Definitely Muneca from Foxy's.

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