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New from Ohio


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7 minutes ago, Fatkilo36 said:

Hi everyone,

Hope to learn a lot on here.

I can already tell this is a great site.

Thanks in advance for all the education.

Read trip reports and guides for great information.  Don't hesitate to ask questions.  Just understand many of the more obvious ones are easily answered with a little research of the threads.  Search is your friend.

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Yes.  Lots of great people on here.  And even better putas (hookers) when you hit the alleys and bars.

So best of luck to you, and don't be shy about reporting and asking for help as needs be.

These guys on here know way more than me and will help you with whatever you need.


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Welcome aboard!  As @Sargon says, hitting the search box for answers is often helpful.  But the Amigos aren't opposed to answering questions either.

There are several pinned topics in the forums - those tend to have a good aggregate of info about whatever subforum they're pinned in, too.

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