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Sao Paulo Brazil


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Met her at scandallo. Spent 3 nights with her 300$ each night on the last night she was crying saying she didn’t want me to leave and said she didn’t want me to pay her on the last night . 




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7 hours ago, huatulco said:

Is scandallo a bar and if so, it was open with all the virus news?  If so, that's great.  

This trip was 2 years ago or so . We were in Buenos Aires for 4-5 days then flew over here for 4 days and back to Buenos Aires.  Scandallo was more of a Vegas style night club . They give u a card like Dave and buster to buy drinks with it and food. They have a hotel there as well if u wanna take them up . But all we did was find our targets and leave 

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Brazilian women have done it all and seen it all sexually and I am talking about normal  women who never worked as whores. Fucking in Brazil is just like an everyday function like taking a shit in the morning after your morning cup of coffee. It's a place with butt ugly dudes and hot chicks but dudes are fucking chicks everywhere all the time. 

I don't like Sao Paulo. It's like TJ and New Youaaaaawrk mixed together on steroids and there is no beach. 


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