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Tomjackin's Veracruz photos VAULT!


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I have only pleasant memories of Veracruz, but unfortunately I guess it has changed.  I visited it four times in the late 90's, and New Years of 2000.  My last visit was Carnival 2001.  Except for the honking cars it was so tranquillo.  When I was there there they told me there had never been a bank robbery - they tell me that has changed, and they booted the street girls from working the Malecon because it wasn't a favorable impression the tourists got when visiting for Carnival.  Best watermelon, and pineapple I've ever had was there.

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On 7/15/2019 at 11:03 PM, shawnmj said:

I just noticed that Sagami in the photo with the pink boot in it

Sir, you are correct. My only condom of choice.

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Looks beautiful. That food looks delicious, esp that tasty dish of hair pie and bootylicious.

A certain somebody has suggested I go check out Veracruz, see how I like it. It does look beautiful. Is it safe?

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