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Requesting First Trip Advice

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On 1/5/2019 at 4:03 AM, asshole said:

Dress is easy - do as the locals do. That means decent shirt (polo or otherwise), jeans that are not too disreputable, decent shoes (nice tennis shoes are acceptable, but I tend to use casual dress shoes).

I agree with this but don't like wearing jeans. They can be rough, on both my legs and on the girls' backsides over the course of an evening. I wear very soft khaki pants, and the texture encourages girls to stroke and rub on me, as well as give lots of lap dances. I agree that cargo shorts and a t-shirt mark you as a gringo, but everything else about me is very gringo so there's no hiding it. Still, dress like the locals is a good rule of thumb.

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I didn't see this thread until now, but where and how to keep your cash is a good and useful topic.

It's a bit late now, but I always save up my one-dollar bills.  I have a coffee can with like $300 in ones right now, though I have been to TJ only two times the past six months.  You will find the ones useful for paying cab drivers, buying drinks and fichas in the clubs, and tipping.  Also, psychologically I do not sweat one-dollars bills.  It's like I am feeling chicas up and getting cerveza for free.

When in TJ I keep money basically four places.  I utilize the safe in my room to put some of my money.  When I go out, I keep my stash of ones in my right pocket (always my right, no matter how bombed I am I know where everything is), my pesos in my left pocket, and larger dollar bills in my wallet.  I used to wear a belt with a secret compartment in it that always had a few hundreds in it, but I guess I am not so paranoid nowadays.  And I got too fat to wear that belt and haven't replaced it yet. :Cartman5:

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