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    • Dumpster-Goodness From The Southside - Lumpy Style
      It's been a spell since my last visit to The Zona, but sheer laziness and embarrassment has kept from paying my online mongering dues for awhile.

      On a Wednesday several weeks ago, I was in the possession of a small but otherwise-unreportable income premium from work, so I decided to pay-it-whoreward in the Zona.  I worked a little deep into whatsapp on the monger batphone and got a response from Johanna de TJ, the one from my last TR, who agreed to meet me at the Hotel Nelson restaurant for a little OTC action around 7PM.

      My two inches of swollen pride just couldn't wait - it got to aching well before the agreed upon time, so I decided to head down early.  A friend told me in response to my bellyaching about the quality of Zona beer that he had scored some Belgian brews at Plaza Zapato.  My utter loathing of the Zona lagers drove me there to explore.  It was Wednesday-slow at the border, and I got my pesos and a taxi to Zapato without event.  It was super slow at Zapato too, and I was able to wander among the open-but-empty bars until I found my Belgium promised-land in a cooler at the Bosiger Brewpub.  I didn't bother rolling the dice on their taps.  Instead, I settled down at the bar with my first date of the night from that cooler - The LeTrappe Twins.  Me, them, and some football on TV in an empty bar, which was not all that bad.  I was looking forward to the symbiotica of a sweet beer buzz coupled with some sweet Zona pussy, and I


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    • Nice Nipples!
      Started by @tomjackin ca 2012. 

      Excuse the lack of captions and credit to the proper photographers but please do add in your own Nice Nips pics, captioned or not.



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    • Tails of Debauchery - June 2022
      Pack a freshy and pour yourself a double, it's time for another installment of EBDN's tails (sic) of debauchery

      Got checked in and made it to The alley at 11:25 on a Monday Night.  It was sparse.  There were a handful of B-team hotties in front of Ibiza and not much else.  My experiece told me in such situations to gorilla pimp the first hotty i come cross asap, and in this case it was

      Grecia ,  (in front of Ibiza)
      in two words: Hotty librarian. or maybe:  librarian gone bad.  All black dress with high heels and long shapely legs , she was head and shoulders above the competition at the time.  In the cuarto the big reveal was a minor revulsion upon the discovery of sloppy baby damage in the belly:  but the tits and ass were primo taglio and she was super chill about entertaining my stupid bad spanish so i left her a tip.  low energy cowgirl led to perrito.  by the slight pucker of her butthole my interest was piqued.  800+100tip and 100p for the Ibiza room which was clean.

      Margaritas Village
      Banging house music -  had a caballito of Maestro Doble Diamante (best option, sad) and a Lupulosa from insurgentes - AWESOME and finished out with a Dorothy blonde ale from Cervezeria Casco , which was real friggin tasty.

      Next morning was a little hungover.  As the Aqua Rio coffee is really bad i made it to the hipster coffee shop past vittorios on revu for a cappuccino. Milo amd Otis (or some shit)

      Reading my notes to write this, apparently i banged out a chica bamed Nucole after this but that's all i can recall about it ��.

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    • Tips, Yum, & UFC
      Well, it’s been a while since my last trip.  Left with a buddy and drove into Mexico this past Saturday.  Arrived in TJ around Noon.  Since we were a little early to check into the Ticuan, we drove straight to Lionfish for lunch.  The complimentary chips I have to say was very stale.  We also ordered an appetizer, some drinks, and a couple entrees.  Other than the chips, the food was excellent.  There was loud music playing in the background, but it was nothing like the banda music I’ve been used to from the nearby Negro Durazo, and we were able to hold a conversation without having to yell.

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    • Rampers
      I couldn't remember who it was that originally coined the term "Rampers", but it's another great ZN term that is worth recognizing.  That's also why I couldn't respond to that quesiton in the other thread.   I've got lots of material to populate this thread for a long time.  Ramper OP, this thread's for you.
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